LOUD would sign havoc to replace aspas

An unexpected twist in the VALORANT competitive scene, as it seems that LOUD is very close to renewing the... Eduardo | 19. September 2023

An unexpected twist in the VALORANT competitive scene, as it seems that LOUD is very close to renewing the contract of its IGL, Matias “Saadhak” Delipetro, for the next VALORANT Champions Tour season. However, everything seems to indicate that Erick “aspas” Santos is at the exit door, so the organization would have the perfect replacement for Ilan “havoc” Eloy.

Recently, we saw different reports that Saadhak would be very close to signing for NRG or another top team, as he received offers from teams worldwide. However, everything indicates that the player agreed with LOUD to stay with the team for VCT 2024.

Similarly, this does not mean that the rest of LOUD’s players are safe, as everything indicates that Aspas will leave the team in the coming days. As a result, reports highlight that LOUD would set its sights on havoc to replace aspas.

LOUD could secure Saadhak’s renewal in the coming days

According to a report from the Brazilian web portal “The Enemy” and a popular leaker “Noyn,” Saadhak would be close to signing his renewal with LOUD for 2024. However, it is also indicated that, should aspas’ departure materialize, the chosen one to replace him is havoc.

As we know, Saadhak remains on the market, exploring his options since the end of the VCT Champions 2023 and the start of the offseason, as his contract with the Brazilian organization ends in the coming months. Confirmed sources claim that the team closer to closing a deal was NRG; even the Brazilian player said he would sign a contract soon.

On the other hand, with aspas entering free agency, LOUD seems to have decided not to renew his contract, and the chosen one to replace him would be havoc.

About havoc

Now, talking about the possible signing of LOUD, havoc, we have that he became known in 2022 when he played under the flag of The Union. In 2023, the player aroused the interest of several organizations after an impressive level of play in the Brazilan Challengers League.

In addition, the player helped his team finish in first place in both contested divisions, as it is no secret to anyone that he is a natural Entry Fragger.

However, the team could not finish their excellent season in the VCT Ascension Americas, as they finished in third place.

On the other hand, speaking of aspas, the former LOUD star, there is no doubt that it is only a matter of time before he gets a new home, as he is widely regarded as one of the best “duelists” in the game’s history.

Finally, there is no doubt that LOUD still has a lot of work to do and a lot to improve this offseason, especially if these two signings materialize. In addition, it is also fair to mention that LOUD right now does not have a full roster of players, as the contracts ended at the beginning of this offseason. As a result, we must wait to see if the organization decides to renew them or go to the market for new players.

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