Who Are the Very Worst Rated Players in EA FC 24?

EA FC 24 is a hit among football gaming fans, but while everyone talks about the top players, have... Aleksandar | 29. April 2024

EA FC 24 is a hit among football gaming fans, but while everyone talks about the top players, have you ever wondered who the least skilled ones are? Playing with these low-rated players offers an intriguing challenge.

They may not grab the headlines, but managing a team of underdogs can seriously test your strategy skills and spice up your gameplay.

In this article, we explore the worst-rated players in EA FC 24. Get ready to discover who they are and see how playing with them could turn into an unexpected adventure or maybe you will regret your choice.

What Are Player Ratings in EA FC 24?

In EA FC 24, each player has a rating. This rating is a number that shows how good the player is in the game. High ratings mean the player is strong, and they can do a lot on the field. But some players have low ratings.

Why are some players rated low? It’s not always because they are bad in real life. Sometimes, it’s because they are young and still learning. Other times, it’s because they don’t play in the big leagues or aren’t well-known. 

A low rating affects how they play in the game. For example, they might run slower, miss more shots, or lose the ball easily.

Low ratings can make the game more challenging. Playing with these players tests your skills. If you pick some of these players for your match, you will need to work harder to win games and score goals.

This can make playing EA FC 24 more fun and interesting. You learn to use different strategies and improve your game skills.

The 14 Worst-rated Players in EA FC 24

Here are the 14 worst-rated players in EA FC 24, each with unique challenges and quirks that can transform any game into a test of true skill and strategic thinking.

1. Yin Jie

Yin Jie

  • Position: CM
  • Rating: 47
  • Club: Quanzhou Yassin F.C.

Yin Jie, a central midfielder playing for Quanzhou Yassin F.C. in the China League Two, is one of the lowest-rated players in EA FC 24. At 22 years old and with a rating of 47, Yin has a lot to prove on the digital pitch.

His stats suggest he is somewhat quick, with a pace of 57 and acceleration at 59, making him moderately fast. However, his ability to contribute to attacks is limited, as shown by his shooting score of 37 and passing at 46.

Despite these challenges, his balance (67) and stamina (59) are decent, hinting at some resilience in midfield play.

Yin’s defensive skills are not standout, with a standing tackle of 38 and sliding tackle of 45, which might make it hard for him to regain possession.

Gamers looking to challenge themselves might find it interesting to develop his skills in the game.

2. Lyu Jiaqiang

Lyu Jiaqiang

  • Position: CB
  • Rating: 47
  • Club: Without Club (last club Shenzhen FC)

Lyu Jiaqiang, formerly of Shenzhen FC and now without a club, carries a central defender rating of 47 in EA FC 24. At only 19, his journey in the game mirrors the challenges young defenders face.

His pace metrics, including sprint speed and acceleration, both at 56, are adequate but don’t provide a significant advantage. Defensively, Lyu shows some competency with a standing tackle and interceptions at 50, allowing him to disrupt play occasionally.

However, a defensive awareness of 51 indicates he might struggle with complex tactical situations. With physicality at 46 and strength at 52, he has the potential for growth in physical confrontations on the pitch.

3. Seung-woo Son

Seung woo Son

  • Position: RWB
  • Rating: 48
  • Club: Without Club (last club Daegu FC)

Seung-woo Son, formerly of Daegu FC and currently without a club, is a right wing-back with a rating of 48, positioning him among the worst-rated players in EA FC 24.

At 22 years old and 5’9″ tall, Son demonstrates medium work rates on both ends of the pitch. His most notable attribute is his balance, which scores a solid 72, aiding in his stability during gameplay.

However, his defending capabilities, evidenced by a standing tackle at 55 and a sliding tackle at 47, are somewhat limited, potentially making him vulnerable against more skilled attackers.

With pace and agility ratings in the low 60s, Son can handle some quick movements, but his overall influence in the game may be restricted. 

Players who choose Son must strategically use his positioning and tactical awareness to maximize his effectiveness on the field.

4. Jeon Yong-jun

Jeon Yong jun

  • Position: RW
  • Rating: 49
  • Club: Daegu FC

Jeon Yong Jun, another Daegu FC player, serves as a right winger with a rating of 49. Jeon, aged 20 and 6’0″ tall, stands out in his pace, with both acceleration and sprint speed at around 62.

His dribbling at 53, along with a balance of 56, makes him relatively agile on the wing. However, his low defending score of 20 and defensive awareness at 16 highlight his focus on offensive play, limiting his usefulness in defensive situations.

Jeon’s shooting ability, including a finishing of 44 and shot power of 45, offers some threat, but his overall game needs refinement. Gamers might find him a challenge to use effectively without support from stronger teammates.

5. Wu Yuhang

Wu Yuhang

  • Position: CDM
  • Rating: 47
  • Club: Zhejiang Professional F.C.

Wu Yuhang plays as a central defensive midfielder for Zhejiang Pro, rated at 47. At 23 years old and 6’0″ tall, Wu’s game is marked by moderate physicality with strength and aggression, both over 50.

His pace is average at 56, with a sprint speed of 60, allowing him some mobility across the midfield. His defensive skills, including a standing tackle of 45 and a sliding tackle of 51, make him a basic option for stopping attacks.

Wu’s passing ability is also modest, with a short passing score of 51, making him capable of simple play transitions. Players looking to use Wu will find him best suited to a defensive role, offering basic support and coverage.

6. Deven Sawhney

Deven Sawhney

  • Position: LB
  • Rating: 47
  • Club: Dempo SC

Deven Sawhney is a left-back for I-League in the Hero ISL, rated at 47. At 22 years old, Deven shows a high work rate on the attack and a medium defensive work rate.

With a pace of 62 and agility at 57, he can move well on the field. His balance is also notable at 64, helping him stay steady during play. However, his defensive skills, such as a standing tackle of 48 and sliding tackle of 47, may not always stop opponents.

His passing and dribbling skills are modest, making him a basic option for moving the ball up the field. Deven’s physicality, with a strength of 57 and aggression at 58, adds some toughness to his game, but he remains a challenge for players looking for a strong defence.

7. Zhao Jia’nan

Zhao Jia'nan

  • Position: LWB
  • Rating: 49
  • Club: YN Yukun

Zhao Jia’nan, a 19-year-old left wing-back from YN Yukun, carries a rating of 49. His standout trait is his excellent balance, scored at 79, which makes him one of the more agile players in his position, despite his overall low rating. Zhao’s pace is decent, with a sprint speed of 63, allowing him to cover ground quickly.

However, his defensive and offensive contributions are limited, as evidenced by low scores in crossing at 47 and dribbling at 58. His defensive work rate is low, suggesting he might not always track back effectively during opposition attacks.

Zhao’s role in the team is best suited for situations where mobility and basic ball handling are needed more than defensive solidity or attacking flair.

8. Wang Zhenghao

Wang Zhenghao

  • Position: RB
  • Rating: 50
  • Club: Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C.

Wang Zhenghao plays as a right-back for Tianjin Jinmen Tiger F.C., with a rating of 50. At 23 years old and standing 5’11”, Wang offers a low attacking work rate and a medium defensive work rate. 

His pace scores are evenly balanced around 55, which are adequate but won’t outpace many opponents. His defending stats like standing tackle at 55 and defensive awareness at 50 make him a reliable defender.

Wang’s physicality is strong, with a strength of 63 and a physicality rating of 58, helping him in physical confrontations. His technical skills are basic, which means he can handle regular play situations but may struggle against more skilled attackers.

Wang offers a solid option for players who need a physically strong defender with moderate mobility.

9. Engson Singh

Engson Singh

  • Position: CAM
  • Rating: 48
  • Club: Mohun Bagan SG

Engson Singh is a central attacking midfielder for ATK Mohun Bagan in the Hero ISL, carrying a modest 48 rating. At 21 years old, Engson has medium attack and low defense work rates, making him more focused on offensive play.

His agility at 68 and balance at 75 suggest some capability to manoeuvre in tight spaces, but overall, his contributions may be limited by his lower skill levels in key areas such as shooting (45) and passing (47).

His physical stats, including stamina at 69, allow him to stay active in the game, but with a strength of only 34, he often struggles in physical contests. Engson represents a challenge for gamers who enjoy nurturing underdog players to improve their game impact.

10. Jakub Niemczyk

Jakub Niemczyk

  • Position: LW
  • Rating: 51
  • Club: Burton Albion

Jakub Niemczyk, a left winger from Burton Albion in EFL League One, has a rating of 51. As a 20-year-old, Jakub has a high work rate in attack but a low defensive commitment, indicating a primary focus on forward play. 

His pace is strong at 72, making him one of the better options among the worst-rated players in EA FC 24. However, his abilities in key offensive areas, such as shooting (46) and passing (42), are underwhelming, limiting his effectiveness in scoring or creating significant plays.

His dribbling at 54 and agility at 68 provide some ability to navigate through defenses, but his low composure (43) might affect his performance under pressure.

11. Yan Yu

Yan Yu

  • Position: LM
  • Rating: 49
  • Club: BJ Guoan

Yan Yu plays as a left midfielder for Beijing Guoan in the CSL, and his overall rating is 49. At 21 years old, Yan has both low attacking and defensive work rates, which can make him less involved in high-intensity situations.

His pace at 62 is average, not providing any distinct advantage on the field. With a dribbling score of 48 and crossing at 51, he can make some contributions to the attack, but his overall impact is hindered by poor defensive skills (27) and low composure (42).

Yan’s physicality and stamina are also on the lower side, making it challenging for him to sustain performance throughout a match. He exemplifies the type of player who requires careful management and strategic use to be effective.

12. Aditya Patra

Aditya Patra

  • Position: GK
  • Rating: 48
  • Club: East Bengal II

Aditya Patra is a goalkeeper for East Bengal in the Hero ISL, having a rating of 48. At 24 years old, he showcases middle goalkeeping skills, with a GK diving of 50 and GK reflexes at 46.

When it comes to goalkeeping, he is the lowest-rated player on EA FC 24 in his role. His positioning and handling are also below average, limiting his effectiveness in preventing goals.

Standing at 5’9″, his physical presence in goal is less imposing compared to taller goalkeepers, which can be a disadvantage during aerial challenges and long shots.

Patra’s overall abilities make him a challenging choice for players looking for a reliable last line of defense.

13. Fardin Ali Molla

Fardin Ali Molla

  • Position: CF
  • Rating: 51
  • Club: Mohun Bagan SG

Fardin Ali Molla plays as a center forward for ATK Mohun Bagan in the Hero ISL and holds a rating of 51. Despite being one of the worst-rated players in EA FC 24, his pace at 68 and agility at 85 suggest some potential in fast-paced attacking scenarios.

However, his shooting and finishing skills hover around the low 50s, which might not be sufficient to convert chances into goals consistently.

Moreover, his low defensive work rate and weak physical stats, including a strength of just 32, further limit his ability to compete physically with stronger defenders. At 5’3″, his stature also poses a challenge in aerial duels and physical contests.

14. Mijit Mewlan

Mijit Mewlan

  • Position: ST
  • Rating: 47
  • Club: SD Taishan

Mijit Mewlan is a striker for Shandong Taishan in the CSL, with a rating of 47. His pace is relatively decent for a striker at this rating level, with sprint speed at 66 and acceleration at 70.

However, his technical skills, such as shooting at 46 and finishing at 49, are not quite effective, which can be frustrating in front of the goal. Mijit’s low composure of 40 further impacts his performance under pressure, making crucial moments in matches particularly challenging.

His physical attributes, including a strength of 46 and stamina at 54, offer some resilience, but overall, he struggles to make a significant impact as a reliable goal scorer.

Key Takeaway

Looking at the worst-rated players in EA FC 24 can change how you play the game. These players don’t have the best skills, and that makes the game tougher but more interesting.

It’s a good way to sharpen your strategy and get better at handling tricky situations.

Playing with these players isn’t just hard but also a lot of fun. So, why not try it out? See how they can make your game experience different and maybe even more enjoyable.