Kai Cenat in troubles after giveaway cause riot in New York City

The popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat was arrested after his much-anticipated giveaway event in New York City went wrong... Shubh | 7. August 2023

The popular Twitch streamer Kai Cenat was arrested after his much-anticipated giveaway event in New York City went wrong and sparked a large-scale riot.

Kai Cenat, who recently became Twitch’s most subscribed creator, asked his fans and followers to join him in Union Square in New York to participate in a giveaway. In the subsequent video shared by Cenat, filmed from within a vehicle, he discusses his plans to distribute several PS5 consoles as giveaways. During this segment, he proudly displays an impressive pile of $100 gift cards.

However, the video takes an abrupt turn into disarray as Cenat steps out of the vehicle. Clearly, it appears that the individuals responsible for organizing the event underestimated the sheer volume of people anticipated to attend. This miscalculation became glaringly evident due to the overwhelming surge of fervent teenage supporters who flocked to Union Square, all eagerly hoping to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the widely acclaimed streamer.

The situation swiftly descends into chaos as the crowd converges upon Cenat and his companions, creating a tumultuous scene. In the midst of this electric atmosphere, video clips emerged, capturing a pivotal moment where members of the NYPD stepped in to navigate the streamer through the teeming mass of admirers.

These videos swiftly found their way onto numerous social media platforms, serving as captivating snapshots of a remarkable event. As digital waves carried these visual accounts far and wide, they resonated deeply within the online community, generating a substantial and widespread response.

Kai was taken into custody by the New York Police Department shortly after certain segments of the crowd became highly disorderly. Reports indicated that individuals within the public were hurling projectiles at law enforcement, leading to isolated altercations among specific groups in attendance. In a press briefing, NYPD’s Chief of Department, Jeffrey Maddrey, disclosed that Cenat was to face charges for “a minimum of two allegations” related to inciting a riot and organizing an unlawful assembly. 

During this announcement, he shared with journalists that a total of 65 arrests had been made, involving 30 minors. Additionally, Chief Maddrey acknowledged that both civilians and law enforcement personnel had been hospitalized post-event, seeking treatment for injuries sustained. Among those were a teenager injured by fireworks and individuals who had suffered fractures.

Who is Kai Cenat?

Known for his enthralling real-life escapades, clever pranks, and captivating gaming spectacles, Kai Cenat burst onto the Twitch scene in 2021 and, astonishingly, has already ascended to its zenith at just 21 years young. The tides of 2023 have ushered in a transformative chapter for Kai Cenat, one embellished with remarkable milestones on the illustrious Twitch stage.

Notably, he has clinched the coveted title of the most subscribed Twitch streamer to date. Such an accomplishment becomes a mere whisper in comparison to his colossal 6.4 million devotees on Twitch, an impressive battalion of 4 million YouTube enthusiasts, and an admirable cohort on Rumble, all attesting to his meteoric rise.

Header: Screengrab via Kai Cenat on Twitch