Jremy, Invy top VLR.GG VCT Pacific rankings

Team Secret stars Jeremy “Jremy” Cabrera and Adrian “Invy” Reyes top the 10 best player rankings of VCT Pacific,... Paolo | 27. February 2024

Team Secret stars Jeremy “Jremy” Cabrera and Adrian “Invy” Reyes top the 10 best player rankings of VCT Pacific, according to data from VLR.gg.

Jremy scored a 1.19 VLR rating from the website, the highest among all players who participated in Kickoff. Very close behind is Invy, who had a 1.8 VLR rating. Jremy also holds the record of the highest average combat score or ACS in Kickoff, at 256.6. Invy’s ACS, for comparison, is at 211.7.

VLR.gg defines its VLR rating as a system that takes into account kills, deaths, damage, assists, and surviving to determine the final rating. They also claim, each of these stats is heavily manipulated in an algorithm to produce a single rating that approximates how impactful a player was.

Average combat score, meanwhile, is calculated every round and at the end of every game. It determines how well a player performs in a Valorant match. Factors such as damage, kills, multi-kills and non-damaging assists also play a factor into how these stats are collated.

Jremy and Invy are also the only Filipinos in the ranking list.


Also joining Jremy and Invy in the list are third-ranked player Kevin “xccurate” Susanto from T1, with a 1.17 VLR rating and 233.6 ACS, and fourth-ranked player Jittana “JitboyS” Nokngam from Talon Esports with a 1.16 VLR rating and a 228.5 ACS. At fifth place is DRX player Kim “MaKo” Myeong-kwan with a 1.16 VLR rating and a 207.8 ACS.

Ranking 6th to 10th, in chronological order are: Ilya “something” Petrov from Kickoff runners-up Paper Rex (1.16 VLR rating, 224.7 ACS), Kim “t3xture” Na-ra from Kickoff champions Gen.G (1.15 VLR Rating, 250.8 ACS), Peter “Governor” No from Talon Esports (1.12 VLR Rating, 247.0 ACS), Kim “Karon” Won-tae from Gen.G (1.12 VLR Rating, 199.2 ACS) and Daniel “Rossy” Abedrabbo from T1 (1.12 VLR rating, 213.4 ACS).

The said ratings are used by VLR.gg to determine who among the league’s players have performed consistently and effectively throughout a tournament, and are used as a benchmark for broadcasts and stats fans alike.