JL Is The MVP of PGL Major Copenhagen

PGL Major Copenhagen marked the beginning of a new era in Counter-Strike, being the first CS2 Major since the... Radu M. | 1. April 2024

PGL Major Copenhagen marked the beginning of a new era in Counter-Strike, being the first CS2 Major since the launch of the game. It’s already been 6 months since the end of CS:GO and the professional scene continues to be highly unpredictable.

Newcomers like jL and w0nderful are trying to make a name for themselves, taking the world by storm and winning against veterans with vast experience. In the Grand Final between Natus Vincere and FaZe Clan, jL was 24 years old and w0nderful was 19. Meanwhile, karrigan was 33.

I won’t even mention donk here, who could have been in the Grand Final himself with a little bit more help from his teammates. At 17, he is proving to the world that more experience won’t necessarily make you a better player. And a lack of experience won’t ruin your chances.

Esports like CS2 are not that complex. They’re still sophisticated, but it’s not rocket science. Most of what you need to know can be mastered in less than 5 years. After that, it’s all about your level of understanding and ability to make optimal decisions quickly.

JL’s MVP Award

At PGL Major Copenhagen, jL was named MVP because of his consistent contribution to Na’Vi’s victories. Against Eternal Fire, he was the second-best player on the server.

Against G2, he was the best with a record of 59 – 50. In the Grand Final, against FaZe, he was once again the second-best player on the server. The man of the match was undoubtedly b1t. But overall, jL fully deserved his MVP award.

One Na’Vi player whose contribution was a bit more subtle was iM. In the Grand Final, his performance gave him a -9 KD score difference. But his plays were mostly highly impactful.

For w0nderful, who played as the team’s AWPer, this match didn’t allow him to get involved as much as he would loved because FaZe consistently dodged him.

What’s Next for S1mple

The question now is: what will s1mple do next? Will he ask to join the roster and have someone else benched? Or will he join a different team on a loan?

The second option is far more likely. Na’Vi clearly don’t need him right now. Or at least, they don’t seem to need him. Their victory in the Grand Final was convincing but things could have gone wrong for them numerous times. The next few tournaments will let us know if this Major trophy was a fluke or not.

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