n0thing Wins Showmatch and $10.000 For Charity

Yesterday, a charity event took place in North America. At the Aorus Xtreme Showdown, Michael “Sonii” Sherman and Jordan... Fabio | 6. September 2020

Yesterday, a charity event took place in North America. At the Aorus Xtreme Showdown, Michael “Sonii” Sherman and Jordan “n0thing” Gilbert created their own squads. Later, the teams clashed for a chance at $10.000 for themselves and for the GlobalGiving’s Coronavirus Relief Fund, respectively.

Alongside Sonii, 4/5 of the current beastcoast roster competed. The remaining fifth player was actually found on n0thing’s side, who brought some veteran CS:GO players on board as well. With Sean “sgares” Gares and Ryan “freakazoid” Abadir, the old core of Cloud9 had basically reunited. Additionally, they were able to secure the services of Matthew “Wardell” Yu, who is playing on the highest level with TSM.

Jamal “jammyz” Bangash managed to kick the game off in Sonii’s favor with a brilliant clutch in the first round. The players followed this up with a 13-10 map victory as well. In the second-to-last round, Sonii actually clutched a 1v3 to deliver map point and after a crazy teleporter mess, they won the last round as well.

But n0thing’s team was still in the running. In the Best-of-Five, they still had plenty of chances to turn things around. And they did just that, setting themselves on top of Team Sonii with a 13-10. On Ascent and Split, they finally became the dominating force. With 13-5 and 13-7 maps, the experience of the former CS pros and the performance of Wardell was just too much to handle. The TSM star always sat on the top of the scoreboard, which should hardly come as a surprise. To see Sonii and his colleagues put up such a fight is actually really impressive in itself.


Aside from the $10.000 set aside for the players, GlobalGiving will also receive a hefty $10k donation. In their current campaign, the organization supports individuals and families suffering and in need due to the coronavirus pandemic. So forget the in-game points, the players will be walking home with some sweet karma points following this showmatch.

The professional scene of VALORANT is mostly stuck in hibernation right now, as RIOT is still taking their time with announcing new events for the title. But starting on September 10, North American fans can see some of their favorite teams back in action at Pulse Series. Team Envy and Gen.G are already scheduled to appear and the remaining 18 slots will be distributed via qualifiers and invites.