Genshin Impact Cloud Revolutionize Gaming For Low-End PCs

A constant battle though has been running demanding games on high graphics settings on low-end PCs or mobile devices.... Stalingrad | 29. March 2024

A constant battle though has been running demanding games on high graphics settings on low-end PCs or mobile devices. But Genshin Impact’s new cloud gaming service is set to change the way we play on low-end hardware. With this tech, players can now enjoy the visually stunning open world of Teyvat on any device, with stunning graphics and performance.

Genshin Impact Cloud

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Cloud gaming continues to be a trend amongst gamers for years claiming to provide high-quality gaming without the need for costly hardware. Genshin Impact, the hugely popular open-world action RPG from miHoYo (now HoYoverse), has also made the jump and launched its cloud gaming service – early access is available for players in Singapore and Malaysia.

The idea is straightforward: instead of depending on your device’s processing power, the game is streamed from massively distant servers–the visuals and input commands are all done in real time. This means even an entry-level smartphone or small laptop can run Genshin Impact at 60fps–at its best graphics settings.

Early Access: A Look into the Future

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While the cloud gaming service is currently only in an early access phase, initial impressions are generally good. Players in Singapore and Malaysia who are approved for the beta test can download the Genshin Impact Cloud Early Access app–which is 56 MB in size–a far cry from the game’s normal installation size.

Once inside the app, players can choose their server type, graphics settings (Ultra HD to Super Low Definition), and target frame rate (30 or 60 FPS). Being able to adjust these settings based on their internet connection ensures a seamless experience even on slow broadband speeds.

Cross-Progression and Microtransactions: Seamless Integration

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One of the coolest things about Genshin Impact’s cloud gaming service is that it integrates with the existing game. Existing accounts will allow players to continue playing, while all their progress, characters, and inventory will be imported into the cloud version. This cross-progression feature means there won’t be a fresh start to boot, meaning gamers can continue right where they left off across devices.

Additionally, the cloud gaming service supports microtransactions meaning players can buy in-game currencies and items like they would on the standard client. This integration makes Genshin Impact a familiar and consistent experience for longtime veterans while also making the game more accessible to casual players with lower-end hardware.

Pricing & Availability: What Comes Next?

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While HoYoverse has yet to reveal pricing information or a release date for its cloud gaming service publicly, the early access period has offered some insight. However, players will have to buy “Cloud Coins” to continue using the service after the two-hour free trial– even though the exact price is still undetermined.

As for availability, the cloud gaming service is currently available in Singapore and Malaysia only, though. But with Genshin Impact being so popular and cloud gaming being a viable option, we could see it rolled out further in the coming months across other territories and platforms, too.

An Alternative Cloud Gaming Solution

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For gamers interested in experiencing Genshin Impact’s cloud gaming capabilities but not eligible for the early access program, NVIDIA’s GeForce NOW service is a good alternative. Alternatively, players can look for Genshin Impact in the app’s library and play the game directly from NVIDIA’s high-performance servers by downloading the GeForce NOW app and choosing one of the plans (including a free one).

GeForce NOW may not be as integrated as HoYoverse’s own cloud gaming service, but it is still an easy and affordable way to enjoy Genshin Impact’s stunning visuals and fluid gameplay on budget devices.

The Future of Cloud Gaming

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Genshin Impact’s move to cloud gaming is a turning point in the gaming industry’s move to cloud solutions. As internet speeds continue to rise and cloud infrastructure becomes more robust, the roadblocks to premium gaming on budget devices are gradually closing in on itself.

Cloud gaming democratizes access to top-level games and gets rid of hardware upgrades – making gaming less expensive and accessible to a wider audience. Cloud gaming platforms are already a substantial investment for gaming giants NVIDIA, Google, and Microsoft – which looks like it might be a mainstream technology in the gaming industry.

For Genshin Impact players, the cloud gaming service is a chance to experience Teyvat on a hardware-free basis. With HoYoverse constantly refining and adding to this offering, the future of low-end gaming has never looked brighter.