G2 Esports officially join VCT Americas League

As reported several days ago, G2 Esports became the new organization to get a place for the VCT 2024.... Eduardo | 23. September 2023

As reported several days ago, G2 Esports became the new organization to get a place for the VCT 2024. However, what was expected happened since the players who won the VCT Ascension Americas 2023 under the name The Guard will now play under the banner of G2 Esports.

Moreover, this is an achievement for the organization (G2) as well, as after much controversy, their bid did not come to good terms to join the inaugural season of the VCT.

There is no doubt that this is great news for the players, as they will not only play the VCT 2024, which they hard-earned thanks to their excellent season in the Challenger League, but they will do so by playing with a very popular organization in the esports scene in general.

Riot Games announce G2 Esports joins VALORANT Champions Tour 2024

Through a post on its official Twitter account, Riot Games announced that G2 Esports is joining the VCT 2024 by signing much of The Guard lineup that won the VCT Ascension Americas 2023.

With this announcement, G2 Esports will compete in the VCT during the 2024 and 2025 seasons, and they also beat out many organizations that made offers to The Guard players to finalize the signing.

As a result, the G2 Esports lineup currently features Jacob “valyn” Batiom, Trent Cairns, Jonah “JonahP” Pulice, and Michael “neT” Bernet, in addition to Head Coach Josh “JoshRT” Lee, all of whom signed a two-year contract with G2 Esports. Separately, the organization announced that they are on the search for the fifth player in the lineup.

G2 Esports CEO Alban Dechelotte said that the organization is waiting for this moment for many months, as they were hoping to be part of the invited organizations to VCT 2023. However, now that they got this opportunity, we hope they will make the most of it.

Dechelotte even mentioned that they studied all possibilities, including a move to China. However, they agreed with the Guard players to stay in NA.

G2 finally arrives at the VCT

After much waiting, G2 Esports is finally part of the top tier of VALORANT in NA and the world, after their attempts were not fruitful before the start of 2023 and during the season in Challengers tournaments.

According to different reports, G2 Esports was one of the organizations that would be part of VCT 2023 when the start of the franchise era was announced. However, the scandal of the former CEO of the org, Carlos Rodriguez, caused Riot Games to change its decision and also caused him to leave G2 despite being its CEO and founder.

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