Eternal Fire beat FURIA to qualify for PARI Please 2023 playoffs

The emotions continue in PARI Please 2023, a B-Tier tournament played in 100% LAN format in Belgrade, Serbia. In... Eduardo | 18. November 2023

The emotions continue in PARI Please 2023, a B-Tier tournament played in 100% LAN format in Belgrade, Serbia. In this opportunity, we have that, in Group B, Eternal Fire pulled out the claws to skin FURIA and thus qualify for the tournament playoffs.

Eternal Fire proves once again that their game is in great shape, and, above all, they once again give a blow to FURIA’s Brazilian squad, which is still not convincing. On the other hand, many of us thought that FURIA would be able to beat the Turks in this Winner’s Match, but, once again, this team’s inability to get good results in essential matches became evident.

Thanks to this 2-0 victory of EF over FURIA, the Turks sealed their qualification for the tournament playoffs. Meanwhile, FURIA must play against Aurora in the Decider Match to fight for a place in the next phase.

Let’s see what happened in the Winner’s Match between Eternal Fire and FURIA in Group B of PARI Please 2023.

Eternal Fire applied a clean sweep against FURIA to qualify for the tournament’s next phase

As we mentioned, either of the two teams could have won the match, as both came out with the firm conviction to do so and were coming from very convincing victories in their first matches. However, the Turkish squad took a solid and comfortable 2-0 victory to seal a clean sweep and qualify for the PARI Please 2023 playoffs.

The series between FURIA and Eternal Fire took place at Overpass and Vertigo.


It all started at Overpass, FURIA’s map pick, where the Turks gave an impressive display of quality, crushing the Brazilians at all times.

In the first half, we enjoyed a spectacular CT side by EF, commanded mainly by Ali “Wicadia” Haydar Yalçın. The Turks scored a solid 10-2 partial victory.

Then, at the change of sides, there was not much to do on the part of the Brazilians, that is more than clear. Although they managed to win 2 rounds, the Turks completed a resounding 13-4 victory.


Things changed a bit in the second map, Vertigo, as the Brazilians could make a presence on the scoreboard and make the Turks uncomfortable. However, the result was the same: Eternal Fire took a comfortable victory in their map pick.

In the first half, we enjoyed a back-and-forth match that ended with a very even score of 7-5. However, it was all over there, as, at the change of sides, the Turks managed to win 6 out of 8 contested rounds to seal their 13-7 victory.

Thanks to this solid 2-0 victory over FURIA, Eternal Fire has qualified for the PARI Please 2023 playoffs. The Brazilians, on the other hand, will have to play for their lives in the next few hours against Aurora.

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