DWG KIA crush Fredit Brion 3-0 – LCK Spring Split 2022 Playoffs

DWG advanced to the semifinals of the LCK spring split 2022 after a 3-0 win over team Fredit Brion.... Shubh | 23. March 2022

DWG advanced to the semifinals of the LCK spring split 2022 after a 3-0 win over team Fredit Brion. After a slaughter in the first round, Fredit Brion’s “bumpy” trip in their first-ever LCK playoffs came to an end.

DWG KIA has proven its dominance once again during the LCK spring split 2022 after defeating Fredit Brion in the one-sided first round of the playoffs. DWG dominated the game from start to finish and did not face any serious resistance. In the first game, ‘deokdam’ with Zeri and ‘Showmaker’ with Lucian shined, while ‘UmTi’ scooped up three kills, the most of any BRO player. The second game was no different, bot laner ‘deokdam’ with a scoreline of 10/3/10 (K/D/A) and Jungler ‘Showmaker’ with a scoreline of 7/2/13 single-handedly outplayed Fredit Brion and gained a 2-0 lead.

The third game was much worse for Fredit Brion; the team attempted to counter the deadly ‘Burdol,’ but the player of the split, ‘Canyon,’ surprised everyone with a 7/1/3 score. DWG’s Kellin reached the 1500 assist mark in LCK during the match.


The deadly pair, led by Showmaker’s 11 assists on twisted fate, destroyed Fredit Brion’s dreams and knocked them out of their inaugural LCS spring split playoffs. In week 9, the same BRO roster defeated DWG in a group stage match, and now the reigning champs have avenged themselves by sending them home.

Fredit Brion’s journey in the LCK was impressive, especially considering how much covid-19 affected the team’s main lineup and challenger roster. The team put in a lot of work to reach the LCK playoffs for the first time, but DWG KIA destroyed them in all three games, ending the team’s difficult journey.

Is it going to be ‘Faker’ vs. ‘Showmaker’?

DWG’s performance was consistent throughout the group stage, and they now have a perfect 3-0 record to begin the playoffs. This spectacular win boosted their confidence, but if the ‘Undefeated’ T1 chooses them to fight in the semifinals, they’ll need even more. Given their 18-0 winning streak, it will be difficult for the defending champs to overcome the formidable T1.

If T1 opts not to fight DWG, then the winner of the next quarterfinal can be their second option. DWG KIA will then take on G2 in the second semifinals on March 27. However, we must wait for the DRX vs Kwangdong Freecs matchup to conclude, since it will directly influence the semifinals.