Dota 2 patch 7.33 Roshan changes

Roshan is one of the most important elements of Dota 2. His role is to offer the two teams... Radu M. | 23. April 2023

Roshan is one of the most important elements of Dota 2. His role is to offer the two teams the opportunity to take a big objective and get a big reward for it. In the process, the entire strategy of the game is shaped.

At the highest competitive level, Roshan is always contested. Lots of big fights take place around the Roshan pit and matches are often decided in such battles. Dota 2 patch 7.33 changed the rules completely, forcing players to think outside the box and make huge adjustments to their strategies.

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How Dota 2 patch 7.33 changed Roshan

The Roshan pit used to be located in the river. Now there are two pits, located in the corners of the map. One of them can be found near Radiant’s safe lane, while the other is near Dire’s safe lane.

During daytime, Roshan stays in one of these pits. During nighttime, he goes to sit in the other, using the Twin Gates to teleport. He does this very quickly because he has a 200 bonus movement speed while he’s at it.

Because of these regular movements from top to bottom, teams need to decide very carefully when to kill the dragon. If they start too late, he might change locations in the middle of the battle and the enemy team will have an advantage.

Another problem here is that players can now teleport from the bottom lane to the top lane very easily. It only takes several seconds to do it. This means that the team trying to kill Roshan must ward the areas around the Twin Gates. Doing this allows them to keep track of their opponents’ movements.

Another big change related to Roshan is his HP and armor. The dragon is now much harder to kill. His HP increases by 130 each minute instead of 115, and his base armor is 30 instead of 20. Killing Roshan alone is mostly a thing of the past, unless you’re a farmed Ursa or Muerta.

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Roshan rewards

Roshan now offers different rewards. He no longer drops an Aghanim’s Shard on his second death. Instead, he drops Cheese. This means that the team that kills Roshan for the second time during a game will effectively get two lives on two different players.

One extra life is provided by the Aegis of the Immortal, while the other extra life is provided by the Cheese. Of course, you don’t really resurrect, but the instant HP and mana regen are so high that you practically get two lives if you know how to use this consumable.

The logic behind the removal of the Aghanim’s Shard reward is very simple. Teams now get this reward by killing the Tormentor mini-bosses, which spawn at minute 20 and then every 10 minutes after they get defeated. Some heroes are much better at doing this than others.

For example, Templar Assassin is probably the best hero in the game at this particular task, because she deals a lot of damage per hit and can block the reflected damage using her Refraction.

If the game goes on for long enough, and we’ve already seen just how long 7.33 games can be, Roshan will start dropping an Aghanim’s Scepter when he is killed on the Radiant side, and a Refresher Shard when he is killed on the Dire side.

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Some will argue that this rule gives Radiant a significant advantage, because the Aghanim’s Scepter is usually much more useful than the Refresher. But inside the game, everything is so chaotic that it doesn’t really matter what Roshan drops depending on his location.

However, if enough people complain, IceFrog might change the rules. Ideally, he should make it so that Roshans change their rewards in succession. If the third one gives a slight advantage to Radiant, the fourth one should give a slight advantage to Dire.

In a Dota 2 game, Roshan Refreshers can sometimes be more useful than an Aghanim’s Scepter. Even though they’re single-use items, if you have an Enigma or a Magnus on your team, they can win you the game much faster than an Aghanim’s Scepter.

Playing around Roshan

It has become increasingly difficult to prioritize Roshan and play around the pit. The reason is that you lose a lot of farm if you desperately want to kill him or contest the enemy team.

In a lot of cases, teams now decide to use those 15-30s to farm the map and push the lanes. If the lanes are pushed and you have a solid split-pushing strategy, you could potentially prevent the enemy team from making effective use of the Aegis.

Five minutes pass very quickly in the current meta. The map is huge and getting to the enemy base is much harder than before. Instead of 25-35 minutes, games now tend to last for 40-50 minutes.

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