Dota 2 Patch 7.30 Best Heroes

Dota 2 patch 7.30 is guaranteed to change the current meta with its buffs and nerfs. Here are some... Radu M. | 20. August 2021

Dota 2 patch 7.30 is guaranteed to change the current meta with its buffs and nerfs. Here are some of the heroes that you should definitely try in this patch. Or ban.

The Top 5 Heroes of Dota 2 Patch 7.30

Here’s what awaits you in your pubs. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.


Fish is back on the menu, boys! Although to be correct, we’re back on his! Slark disappeared for a few patches simply because there were too many counters to him, too many carries that offered better advantages and too few viable item builds that suited an aggressive playstyle.

Now that Silver Edge is amazing again and the hero received a lot of buffs, Slark is once again a terrifying phenomenon. And it’s not just the low MMR players who abuse it. Everyone does! In the first few days of the patch, Slark was picked in almost 1 out of 5 games. And his win rate is 55%! Compared that to the abysmal win rates he had in previous patches.

Slark is a hero that thrives if he can get bonuses to his attack speed, stats, and a lot of survivability plus surprise. The new version of Sliver Edge offers him +60 damage + 40 attack speed + 30% chance to land a critical hit with a 1.6 multiplier, and any attack that breaks invisibility is guaranteed to deal a critical hit with 175 bonus damage. All this for just 5300 gold.

If the hero is picked by the enemy team, expect to have to play against a Silver Edge Slark after the 15-minute mark in almost all of your games. And as a result, expect your supports to carry sentry wards at all times or get killed before they can figure out what happened.

Not only does Silver Edge and a bunch of other buffed items make Slark viable again. The hero’s buffs in Dota 2 patch 7.30 are incredible.

First of all, the Dark Pact self-damage dropped from 50% to 30%. This improves the hero’s jungling ability by a lot. He’s also more likely to maximize the ability at level 7 and start jumping on you without any fear.

Shadow Dance, Slark’s ultimate, now has a 45s cooldown at level 3. This means that you can fight non-stop.

The talents have all been modified to turn Slark into a killer. You get a reduced cooldown on Dark Pact at level 10 (-1s), and +80 Dark Pact damage at level 15. Or you could opt for the other talent: +50 attack speed during Shadow Dance, which is amazing during the late game.


This is another hero that has been buffed in a ridiculously powerful way. His Arcane Curse deals double damage against silenced targets. This means that with most heroes, you can no longer win a right-click duel against Silencer in the early game. Needless to say, all of his talents have been modified to suit a playstyle that relies on right-click damage.

The perfect items on this hero are Drum of Endurance, which got buffed, Rod of Atos, which got buffed, and Orchid, which is just as strong as it was during patch 7.29.

These changes brought about by Dota 2 patch 7.30 have made Silencer a hot pick again. And his win rate has been impressive so far: over 54%.


If you hate playing against Lycan, prepare to hate him even more. His Howl got buffed (it now lasts for 8 seconds starting with level 1) and its cooldown is 16s at level 4. The talents give him better cd on his Shapeshift and better damage on his wolves. By the time he’s level 15, you can no longer play against him on equal networth. You need to have a significant gold advantage and good counters to handle this monster.

Another big problem that you will face is Lycan’s item build. Helm of the Overlord just got buffed significantly. The bonus armor went from 4 to 8, the attack damage went from 25 to 80, the movement speed went from 380 to 400, and the item is built using Vlad’s, and you know what that means: Vlad’s Aura. Good luck killing the dominated creep plus the wolves plus Lycan while the hero is chasing you at huge speeds.


In case you’ve missed Weaver, expect to see him again. His Swarm got buffed by 150 movement speed and it no longer takes damage block into account. But the bigger buff is the Germinate Attack toggle. Thanks to this change, Weaver can now last hit and harass much better during the laning phase.

The other buffs are harder to spot, but they are obvious if you think about what the hero lacks and what naturally helps him. The level 10 talent was changed from +0.2 Swarm Armor reduction to +9 strength. This means that after level 10, with Treads and everything else that the hero can buy, Weaver will be extremely hard to kill. You’d have to dedicate some serious abilities to get the job done before he uses Time Lapse.

Queen of Pain

I absolutely hate this hero but she is bound to get picked again quite often. And that’s because her laning phase is even better than before. Shadow Strike makes QoP very hard to deal with in the mid lane. The tick damage of this ability actually got nerfed by 10 points at each level. But each tick now heals her for 10/20/30/40 HP. In effect, what this means is that at level 5, when she can have 3 points in Shadow Strike, you will no longer be able to trade hits with her. Because the difference between what she gains and what you lose is somewhere around 250 every 15 seconds.

In addition to this buff, QoP now also has +3 base damage. And at level 15, she gets a talent that allows her to have 3 instances of Shadow Strike. If she uses all of them, that translates into a 40 HP regen per second for 15 seconds! I won’t even mention the crazy item builds that can be used to make this hero even stronger than she already is. Expect people to abuse this pick and win games by crushing the laning stage.


Photo credit: Valve