How to effectively utilize Deadlock in Valorant during attack and defense

Valorant newest agent Deadlock is already gaining a lot of traction in its gaming community. If you have recently... Jason | 29. June 2023

Valorant newest agent Deadlock is already gaining a lot of traction in its gaming community. If you have recently unlocked the agent Deadlock in Valorant, either through an event or by spending in-game currency, it’s important to know how to use her abilities effectively. This guide will explain How to effectively utilize Deadlock in Valorant during attack and defense and succeed in the game.

How to utilize agent Deadlock on the attack in Valorant


  • During Attacks

Deadlock’s GravNet (C) is a fantastic ability while pushing the site. Upon throwing it creates a detonating range. Whoever gets caught inside gets slowed and crouched. This makes it excellent for stopping the push from the city side. This becomes more deadly if it will be combined with Brimstone Ultimate or Raze Grenade.

In simple, you will get free picks if the abilities were executed perfectly and in sync. Additionally, it can be also used for delaying the opponents from diffusing much like the Sage barrier orb.

Fortunately, for those who are skilled at lining up their shots, GravNet is a powerful ability to use after planting the spike. Interestingly, the trajectory of its projectile is similar to other abilities like Viper’s Poison Cloud, Gekko’s Mosh Pit, and Killjoy’s Nanoswarms.

  • During defense

First and foremost, you can use it to delay the enemy’s push. Remember that Certain agents have the ability to escape Deadlock’s net. For example, Jett can use her dash ability, Raze can use her satchel, Omen can teleport, and so on. In some situations, it may be better to save your GravNet charge for a retake instead of using it immediately at the entrance of a site. Consider the circumstances and decide when it’s worth using the ability.

Barrier Mesh

  • During Attacks

Deadlock barrier mesh is another absolutely insane ability if it is used effectively. Although it is more inclined to fulfill the role of defenders there is a way you can utilize it, especially during post-plant situations. Simply place the Barrier mash ahead of the plant to create a wall. The wall takes around 30 phantoms bullets to break so this will buy much time for your teammates.

Using the combination of Sage’s Wall and Deadlock’s Barrier Mesh can be a valuable strategy, even if your team gets eliminated. This tactic can delay the defuse long enough for your team to secure the round victory, especially if the Barrier Mesh is still intact.

For example, on the map Ascent, you can block the CT spawn area of site B with the Sage Wall and Barrier Mesh, effectively preventing the defenders from easily retaking that position after the plant.

  • During defense

It can create a perfect choke point in corners. If used effectively you can trap enemies hiding in corners and then use a combo with Raze grenade, you can easily clear the corners.


Sonic Sensor

  • During Attacks and defense

Whether you are in the role of attacking or defending, the Sonic sensor is excellent abilities to hold the flanks. The effectiveness of Deadlock’s Sonic Sensor ability for controlling flanks can be somewhat challenging, requiring creative thinking to make the most of it. The sensor relies on audio cues to detect enemies, triggering a concuss debuff upon detection.

However, it has a notable weakness: flankers can easily bypass the sensor by walking silently past it. Unlike other agents like Cypher with Trap Wire or Killjoy with Alarm Bot, which provide more reliable flank detection and obstruction.

This limitation highlights the importance of considering alternative agents when it comes to controlling flanks effectively. While Deadlock’s abilities offer unique advantages, the Sonic Sensor may require extra ingenuity to maximize its utility in detecting and deterring flankers.


Annihilation is Deadlock’s ultimate ability that forms a deadly cocoon around enemies, resulting in their demise. It is a well-balanced ability by Riot Games. With proper timing, coordination, and awareness, you can strategically utilize Annihilation to eliminate foes effectively.

Upon activation, a timer begins, adding a sense of urgency to its usage. This makes it ideal for post-plant scenarios, where you can bait opponents attempting to defuse the Spike while you plan your next move. An important mechanic of Annihilation is its ability to bounce off barriers. By positioning it correctly, you can trap enemies without exposing yourself to danger.

Mastering Annihilation requires practice, understanding of the map and enemy behavior, and strategic thinking. With these skills, you can unleash its full potential and secure victories for your team in crucial moments.

Header: Riot Games