Details of LoL Skarner’s redesign revealed

The Riot Games development team once again gives new clues about Skarner’s redesign. We are talking about one of... Maria | 18. March 2023

The Riot Games development team once again gives new clues about Skarner’s redesign. We are talking about one of the most awaited lol redesigns; after the community votes, the legendary scorpion was chosen to receive an update this 2023.

This champion has long needed an overhaul, and the developers promised it would be a significant challenge. However, the challenge seems much more complex than they had anticipated.

Yesterday the rioters revealed some details of Skarner’s overhaul. Among these details, we have how the overhaul process has been and what we can expect from the new definitive of this champion.

Skarner’s redesign is a big challenge

LoL designer Jacob Crouch, known as “Riot Llama,” has commented that the redesigns of other champions were much more enjoyable.

For example, Galio is a huge anti-magic stone, Ireria is a telekinetic dancer, and Fiddlesticks is a terrifying scarecrow. Skarner, on the other hand, is a solitary crystal scorpion, so he is not particularly intriguing.

On the other hand, Jacob comments that the developers’ first goal was to find a new theme for Skarner; or to delve into deeper themes and capitalize on his redesign.

However, it was not an easy task. The game developers had four unsuccessful attempts before reaching the final version.

Now let’s talk a little about each of these attempts.


Venom was the first redesign attempt for Skarner. At first, it seemed like a great idea since natural scorpions are poisonous. However, having four abilities and a passive that inflicts damage over time led to the question of what the victims would do after taking such lethal damage. So this idea was discarded.

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Credits: Riot Games


Another option the developers considered was Hextech, as it could fit with their story. However, the game mechanics detracted from the main features of the champion. Additionally, it was a very explosive game with alternating active and inactive periods; this option was also discarded.

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Credits: Riot Games

The Breckerns

This third effort focused on the Breckern, the species this champion belongs to. The developers wanted to focus the champion’s skill kit so that he could find and capture the small Breckern, who were located along the Summoner’s Rift. However, implementing this mechanic was unsatisfactory, so the idea was discarded.

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Credits: Riot Games


The fourth approach they tried for the champion concerns the carapace and its ability to change shape. This mechanic seemed solid at first, according to Jacob. However, this option had to be discarded because of many problems in the development.

After these four failed attempts, they finally found the final version.

The final version of the Skarner redesign

Now the developers claim that Skarner’s “Impale” ability is more effective; however, it was uncomfortable.

So they made some adjustments that positively affected the skill. Skarner’s new “Impale” skill is much more powerful and can simultaneously affect the opposing team.

Finally, they point out that the new ability will have a shorter duration; it will not be aimed and hit, but it will still allow Skarner to play a crucial role at the beginning of the fights.

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Credits: Riot Games

Header: Riot Games