CS2 logo changes

While it is true that many in the community are just waiting anxiously for the news regarding the official... Eduardo | 25. July 2023

While it is true that many in the community are just waiting anxiously for the news regarding the official release of CS2, others notice details that, until now, no one had seen. This is the Counter-Strike 2 logo, completely different from the CS:GO logo, but no one in the community noticed it.

There is no doubt that, currently, Counter-Strike fans are just waiting for Valve to announce the official release of CS2. However, it still won’t be, as the game developers remain silent. Besides updates or some somewhat confusing answers, Valve has not released anything regarding the arrival date of the new game. As a result, we expect plans to continue, i.e., release in summer 2023.

A player notices changes in the CS2 logo

Last July 24, a player shared a post detailing that the CS2 logo has undergone some changes.

CS2 has reversed the colors of the CSGO logo.
by u/Pokharelinishan in GlobalOffensive

As we can see, this user shared in a thread on Reddit a post where he highlights that the colors of the logo were exchanged. Recall that the previous logo had the yellow color on the right side, while, right now, it is on the left side. Although it may seem insignificant, many in the community were surprised since they had not noticed it before.

Looking at the post, we noticed something else: we don’t know which is the CS2 and CS:GO logo, so if that happened to you, don’t worry; we’re all the same. Many users answered the thread on Reddit asking themselves the same question, as they don’t know how to differentiate the CS:GO and CS2 logo. However, if you still can’t identify them, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered, as the CS:GO logo is on the right.

by u/NUAHS7- from discussion CS2 has reversed the colors of the CSGO logo.
in GlobalOffensive

On the other hand, now that users have more attention to the logo, they have also noticed that, according to them, the weapon that the TC holding the CS2 logo does not belong to the game. This gun looks like an M4A4, but from the shape of the stock and the top of the gun, we are sure it is not.

Players did not identify this change before

As we mentioned, this change may be insignificant, so, more than likely; we wouldn’t have noticed it if this release hadn’t come to light. However, from now on, we will be much more attentive regarding all possible changes in the game or, in this case, the logo.

Finally, CS2 was announced at the end of March 2023, and, at that time, Valve assured that the game would be available in the summer. However, we are already halfway through the summer of 2023, and there is still no sign of the game’s release.

Moreover, all Valve is doing is updating the limited test of the game and adding more maps for further testing. As a result, the community is starting to worry, as there are rumors that the game’s release will be delayed.

While it is unlikely to happen, we expect the game to arrive any time in August so we can enjoy the new era of Valve’s shooter.

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