Paper Rex Star Jinggg Makes A Surprise Comeback To Valorant

Wang “Jinggg” Jie, who is renowned as one of the most explosive Duelists in the world, revealed the unfortunate... Owen | 29. March 2024

Wang “Jinggg” Jie, who is renowned as one of the most explosive Duelists in the world, revealed the unfortunate news that he would put his Valorant career to a halt due to compulsory military obligations in Singapore. After months of sitting on the sideline and being replaced in Paper Rex, the Singaporean has announced that he would avoid his military service and return to competitive play.

We Thought It Was Over For Jinggg

Jinggg, Paper Rex, and its fans came into the Valorant Champions 2023 tournament knowing that this could be the last time they saw the 20-year-old in a professional Valorant tournament. 

Jie understood that taking years off competitive Valorant could result in a massive downgrade in skill and a lot of lost time for improvement; there was no guarantee he could maintain his capabilities as a professional player and he was ready to let this career go. 

Unfortunately, the villains, Evil Geniuses, lived true to their names and defeated Paper Rex in the Grand Final of VCT Champions, meaning Jinggg would “end” his Valorant career without becoming a world champion. Fans bid farewell to Jinggg for a successful and memorable run at Paper Rex, solidifying himself as one of the most aggressive and sharpest Duelists in the world. 

With the newly vacant position in the team, Cahya “Monyet” Nugraha from Global Esports was recruited to fill the big shoes Jinggg left in the team. Though the young prospect took time to adjust and received a lot of criticism throughout this period, Paper Rex could still manage some success with a top-three finish at VCT Masters Madrid, losing to the eventual winners of the tournament, Sentinels. 

Jinggg Is Back, Replaces Monyet

The Singapore/Malaysian organization had just announced that Jinggg, who was in the roster’s inactive position, had been exempted from his military duties and re-signed a contract until 2026. This development of events meant he would return to the main roster.

According to Paper Rex, Jinggg returned to Singapore to register for the National Service. He went through all the procedures, including medical examinations. However, the results implied that Jie is diagnosed with a life-long medical condition that is currently facing ongoing treatment. The condition was not revealed by the organization, and Paper Rex asks fans not to speculate as it is a private matter.

With Jinggg being “medically unfit” to serve in the military, he has been relieved of compulsory duties. Paper Rex has ensured that said medical conditions would not affect him in professional Valorant play, meaning he was set to return to the scene. 

Unfortunately, Monyet could only play in Paper Rex for a short period and participate in one international tournament with the team. Though he displayed a satisfactory performance, Monyet’s spot on the roster was reclaimed by Jinggg and he has been moved to the reserved position.

Now, Paper Rex has reassembled the best iteration of the team that nearly became world champions. The roles have been reverted, and Jinggg looks to be the leading Raze player. During his absence, f0rsaken and Monyet were seen taking turns playing Raze as the team was not comfortable with their roles yet. 

The Community Has Varying Opinions

Jinggg had always been one of the most entertaining players due to his chaotic play style and concept of “W Gaming,” where he would run into bomb sites with zero fear. Naturally, fans had every reason to feel ecstatic following the news.

Most Paper Rex followers, including many famous Valorant personalities, were hyped that their favorite Duelist had made a comeback. However, a large portion of fans were left feeling conflicted. 

Monyet had a slow start to finding impact in Paper Rex, but it’s pretty natural as the team had an incredibly non-standard and unique play style. It was practically impossible for 99% of players to fit into Paper Rex immediately. 

Despite the circumstances and pressure Monyet was under, he still played good games at Madrid and seemed like he was improving at a rapid pace. Unfortunately, his time in Paper Rex has already come to an end, and being a “reserve” player realistically doesn’t mean he’ll play many more matches with the team. 

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