Fabio | 13. August 2020

Team oNe Scrape Past Cloud9 To Secure DH Open Summer Playoffs Spot

The playoffs bracket is finally set, as oNe have been able to set themselves on top of Cloud9 in the last remaining Decider Match. The Brazilians struggled mightily, but in the end they delivered a 2-1 victory over the North American roster.

Team oNe got off to a great start on Dust2, where they got to an even 8-7 score line at half-time. The Brazilians then mounted a convicing defense, keeping the sites under firm lockdown. Cloud9 only managed to put the bomb down twice, most often the oNe players won the rounds by elimination. Eventually, they scraped past C9 with a 16-13 victory.

If you think that this game was close, Overpass proved to be an even closer affair. Cloud9 landed a 10-5 lead at half time. But once again, oNe just dominated the second half. Their T side was strong enough to let them go the full distance. Tying at 15-15, they went into overtime, where the Cloud9 players finally reached the 19 rounds neccessary to claim a victory.

Team oNe were out of breath after this nailbiter game, which showed in their CT side on Train. Technically, a 7-8 lead at half-time is a good thing. But on Train, teams usually need a much higher margin, as the map his heavily CT sided. Fortunately for oNe, their T sides were just phenomenal throughout the day. While C9 did make it tense towards the end, Team oNe narrowly surpassed them on a 16-14 score line.


Bruno “b4rtiN” Câmara was an absolute beast and the primary reason for their incredibly close win on Train. Landing a 30-bomb, the player turned so many key scenarios around and opened up vital rounds for oNe. Cloud9 shouldn’t leave the tournament with their heads hanging low, though. A few kills more, one clutch going the other way and we might have seen a different winner tonight. C9 were definitely not blown out of the tournament and have gotten valuable experience to apply to their future matches. But Team oNe have proven to be incredibly resilient, keeping themselves in these matches in spite of the pressure.

Now, the real pressure is on. In the playoffs, they are going to meet Team Liquid. With their recent roster addition, this team is explosive and unpredictable. Most importantly, their individuals are experienced god-tier players. It will be exciting to see what the Brazilians can muster against such as decorated and proficient squad. The North American portion of DreamHack Open Summer will continue tomorrow with the semi-finals between Liquid and oNe, FURIA and Chaos.