Cinkrof would not play with KCorp in LEC 2024

While it is true that both the fans and the organization are really happy to get their place in... Eduardo | 1. November 2023

While it is true that both the fans and the organization are really happy to get their place in the LEC for 2024, it is more than likely that Karmine Corp will not be able to count on one of its best players for next season.

And is that Jakub “Cinkrof” Rokicki, a veteran French jungler, has shared through his Twitter/X account that he does not know if he will play with the team in its debut in the LEC. This, without a doubt, is really hard news for the team and the fans, as we all know how hard they have worked to get this opportunity.

However, this may also serve as a chance for some young player to catch the team’s eye and help them in their first season at the top competitive level in EMEA.

Cinkrof reveals he may not play for KCorp in LEC

Through a post on his official Twitter/X account, Cinkrof shared a sad message that he may not play with KCorp in 2024 in the LEC. The 26-year-old jungler said that while there is still a slim chance of doing so, nothing is certain, and he doesn’t know (yet) what will happen with his future.

On the other hand, he also mentions that everything indicates that he will stay with the organization but play in the LFL and EMEA Masters, as he has been doing recently.

About Cinkrof

Cinkrof was, by far, one of the best Junglers in the LFL at the Summer Split 2023. The experienced 26-year-old led virtually every stat in the league, especially KDA and assists.

While it may not be easy to jump to the LEC and maintain that level of play, considering his season with Team BDS in LEC 2022 was a disaster. However, the player may come in with much confidence and return to the desired success.

On the other hand, in 2023, we observed Cinkrof in a much more collective facet, as he also focused on helping his teammates to leave everything in every match and, most importantly, to display their full potential.

Finally, we can say that Cinkrof was a fundamental part of KCorp’s success in this 2023 season and, above all, in the team’s victory in the EMEA Masters Summer 2023.

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