Movistar Riders and PARIVISION are the first eliminated from PARI Please

PARI Please 2023 continues with its emotions and, after the second day of actions in Belgrade, Serbia, Movistar Riders,... Eduardo | 18. November 2023

PARI Please 2023 continues with its emotions and, after the second day of actions in Belgrade, Serbia, Movistar Riders, and PARIVISION became the first eliminated of the tournament.

The Spanish squad and the Russians lost the two matches they played in this tournament and returned home empty-handed. The Riders lost 1-2 to MIBR in their first match of Group A and then lost by the same score to the BetBoom Team in the Elimination Match.

On the other hand, PARIVISION started their journey in this tournament in Group B with a terrible 0-2 loss against Eternal Fire in their first match. They then put up a bit more of a fight against Aurora in the Elimination Match but still lost 1-2.

With these results, the BetBoom Team will face MIBR to fight for second place in the tournament’s semifinals, while Aurora will do the same against FURIA in Group B.

Let’s see what happened in the Elimination Matches of each of the groups of this PARI Please 2023.

BetBoom Team apply a reverse sweep against Movistar Riders

While we were all more than sure that BetBoom would win against the Riders, no one imagined that they would have to do it by applying a reverse sweep since the Spaniards were surprised by winning the first map. However, the Russian squad recovered immediately and managed to win maps 2 and 3 to stay alive in the tournament.

It all started in Ancient, the map pick of Movistar Riders, where we witnessed a match that either team could have won, as both teams showed a great level from start to finish. In the first half, BetBoom stepped up to take a 7-5 partial victory. However, at the change of sides, the Spanish squad woke up in a great way to win 8 of the 10 games played and thus take the victory by 13-9.

Then, in the second map, Anubis, things changed radically since, this time, the Russian squad gave a lethal first blow in the first half to their CT Side to take a partial victory by 9-3. This result was impossible to recover for the Riders, who gave up the first 4 rounds to the change of sides and lost by 3-13.

Finally, in Nuke, the teams gave their all in every round played, which gave us much more action and excitement. In the first half, as in Anubis, BetBoom got a comfortable score of 9-3. At the change of sides, the Riders tried to wake up and won 4 rounds, but this was not enough, and they fell by 7-13.

Aurora suffer but defeats PARIVISION 2-1

The other elimination match of this PARI Please 2023 gave us an excellent 2-1 victory for Aurora against PARIVISION. Although Aurora suffered after losing the second map, they recovered significantly to win the series.

It all started in Ancient, PARIVISION’s map pick, where we had two completely different games in the first and second half. In the first 12 rounds, we enjoyed total equality on the server, so the scoreboard ended with a score of 6-6. However, at the change of sides, Aurora gave a blow on the table to win 7 of 8 rounds and thus take the victory by 13-7.

In the second map, Nuke, PARIVISION surprised everyone in the first half, as they achieved an impressive 11-1 partial victory, demonstrating a spectacular collective game. After the change of sides, Aurora woke little by little and got closer to the scoreboard until they reached 8-11. However, this was not enough, as PARIVISION won the remaining two rounds to even the series 1-1.

Finally, in Overpass, Aurora got off to the best possible start by winning the first half 9-3, which they complemented with a 4-3 win in the second half to take the victory 13-6. Thanks to this victory, Aurora are still alive in the tournament and will face FURIA for a spot in the PARI Please 2023 playoffs.

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