Boston Breach promotes Snoopy for CDL Champs 2023

We are very close to enjoying the CDL Championship 2023, and some teams are fine-tuning all their details to... Eduardo | 3. June 2023

We are very close to enjoying the CDL Championship 2023, and some teams are fine-tuning all their details to arrive as best prepared as possible for the tournament. One is the Boston Breach, who have decided to change their starting lineup by promoting Eric “Snoopy” Perez from the Academy team.

These changes are common among the Majors’ CDL teams during the season. However, it is odd that teams decide to make lineup moves just a fortnight before the start of the CDL Championship.

Boston Breach announces Snoopy’s promotion to the main lineup

Through an official statement on their Twitter account, the Boston Breach announced the promotion of the 18-year-old Mexican Snoopy to their main lineup heading into the CDL Championship 2023. In addition, this move marks the replacement of Reece “Vivid” Drost.

The Breach have played a very inconsistent 2023 season, of that there is no doubt. While Boston managed to qualify for the season-ending event, the team could not finish higher than fourth in any of the five contested Majors. In addition, it also failed to finish in the TOP 8 in three of those five. As a result, the team finished in seventh place in the overall standings of the 2023 CDL.

On the other hand, the Breach have made different moves in their lineup. But it is worth noting that Joseph “Owakening” Conley is the only player on the team who has not been out of the lineup since the start of the season.

Ben “Beans” McMellon and Kyle “Kremp” Haworth joined with the season in full swing, and now it’s Snoopy, the team’s newest player. This means the Breach have played with more than six players all season.

About Snoopy

Now, speaking specifically about Snoopy, we have to point out that he is an SMG player who is only 18 years old, meaning he is an aggressive player from whom a lot is expected in the CDL. This player has been in the Challengers scene since January 2023 and, since then, has become one of the promises of the league.

After showing his great level of play, Boston has decided to promote him from their academy team, and now, almost everyone in the lineup comes from the development division of the organization. This, without a doubt, shows us how important the academy team is for the Breach.

On the other hand, Vivid has not had a good season, and while he was Boston Breach’s best player at the Major at home in February, the rest of the season, he had disappointing stats.

Now, Snoopy’s debut in the highest category of the CDL will be in a Championship, which will mark an unprecedented event and, there is no doubt, he will have all the spotlights on his performance. But on the other hand, this player becomes the first Mexican player to play in a CDL Championship, and, in addition, he is the only Mexican player who will play under the flag of a Call of Duty League franchised team.

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