BLAST revealed Paris Major trophy and it’s covered in slime

BLAST, the organizers of the latest Major in our beloved Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, revealed two CS:GO Paris Major designs... Eduardo | 30. March 2023

BLAST, the organizers of the latest Major in our beloved Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, revealed two CS:GO Paris Major designs covered in slime. However, it seems that many people within the community did not like this presented design at all.

As we already know, the BLAST.tv Paris Major will be the last Major to be played in the CS:GO era, so BLAST is aware that it has to organize an event that exceeds any expectations.

It is clear that there is much more to this event than the prize money or the trophy itself up for grabs, as the winner will have an indelible label of “Winner of the last CS:GO Major.”. Moreover, this will be the closing of a chapter that started more than ten years ago when the Jönköping Major was played.

BLAST opens voting to choose the design of the trophy

BLAST has opened voting on its official website, asking fans to vote for the color of the trophy they like the most; the options are purple or yellow.

However, when we entered the official website, we could observe that the trophy’s design was similar to what the organizers used to, but, this time, they were covered by slime, or so it seemed.

Screenshot 189

Credits: BLAST

The mere fact that this new feature has been added distances it from what has historically been the design of the trophies in the Majors or the tournaments organized by BLAST.

Faye Marlborough, one of the people responsible for this design, points out that they want to revamp the image of the trophy completely. She claims that if the Majors have historically gone to the right, they want to go to the left.

He then emphasizes the design and its details. Marlborough says they focused on “softer lines, with curved edges and fun images.”

The community explodes against the design of the trophies

At first glance, we can see that it is a somewhat cartoonish trophy, something that all CS:GO fans have always run away from. In addition, adding slime or something similar has not been to the fans’ liking.

On Twitter and Reddit, many users have highlighted that BLAST is featuring the “worst Major trophy” in history. In addition, the user himself states something that many of us think: that the last CS:GO Major should have an “epic” trophy.

On the other hand, a user on Reddit shows his frustration when looking at the trophies and says:

“This can’t be the trophy for the last Major that CSGO gets. Your Major is supposed to be special.”

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While much of the community has great discontent, BLAST is apparently fully intent on presenting an innovative trophy. Likewise, there is still some time to see if they decide to continue with this design or present a different one, such as the BLAST.tv Paris Major is played from May 8-21, 2023.

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