2022 Asian Games: League of Legends teams and roster region wise

The 2022 Asian Games are fast approaching, and for the first time ever, Esports will be a medal event... Jason | 19. September 2023

The 2022 Asian Games are fast approaching, and for the first time ever, Esports will be a medal event on such a grand stage. While Esports was introduced as a medal event during the 2018 Southeast Asian Games, this will be the debut of gaming at the Asian Games in Hangzhou, China.

The Esports event in the 2022 Asian Games will feature these games:

  • League of Legends
  • Dota 2
  • Street Fighter V
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Dream Three Kingdoms 2
  • Arena of Valor
  • FIFA Online 4

We will be taking a look at the teams and rosters participating in the League of Legends competition, which features top sides from the Asian region.

2022 Asian Games: All League of Legends teams and roster

The 2022 Asian Games League of Legends competition will feature 19 teams from the Asia Pacific region. Interestingly, the South Korean region was the first to reveal its roster for the event.

South Korea Region:

  • Zeus
  • Kanavi
  • Faker
  • Chovy
  • Ruler
  • Keria

China Region:

  • Bin
  • Jiejie
  • Xun
  • knight
  • Elk
  • Meiko

Chinese Taipei Region:

  • Rest
  • Hanabi
  • Karsa
  • FoFo
  • Doggo
  • SwordArt

Vietnam Region:

  • Kiaya
  • Levi
  • Gloryy
  • Kati
  • Artemis
  • Bie

Japan Region:

  • RayFarky
  • Ino
  • hachamecha
  • Recap
  • Yutapon
  • Enty

Hong Kong Region:

  • YSKM
  • Kennychan
  • Medzz
  • MnM
  • Kaiwing
  • Solokill

Malaysia Region:

  • Shine
  • Arashi
  • Sleep
  • QaspieL
  • Felia

Macau Region:

  • 20ey
  • NH
  • Faith
  • HOU99
  • SeaLion

Thailand Region:

  • It Yummy
  • Pillow
  • Neulnnyr
  • Sayuumou
  • Jingliu

Philippines Region:

  • Relhia
  • Gawala
  • Esteleydes
  • Jacobo
  • Moran

India Region:

  • Krow
  • BlackInfinity
  • Skipper
  • AngeIsLotus
  • CrankO

Kazakhstan Region:

  • Fakelover
  • Weox
  • Claymannn
  • Jungkz
  • The Goldiee

Sri Lanka Region:

  • Hydra
  • TheShyB0y
  • Kassa
  • luvtwo
  • Nishastic

Myanmar Region:

  • TBD (To be determined)

Jordan Region:

  • TBD (To be determined)

Palestine Region:

  • TBD (To be determined)

Saudi Arabia Region:

  • TBD (To be determined)

Qatar Region:

  • TBD (To be determined)

United Arab Emirates Region:

  • TBD (To be determined)

Teams from China, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and India have already secured their spots in the quarterfinals as champions of the “Road to Asian Games” competitions held in East Asia, Central Asia, Southeast Asia, as well as South and West Asia regions.

The remaining teams will be divided into four groups and will play using a round-robin format, with each team playing a single best-of-one match. The winner of each group will then join the aforementioned teams in the quarterfinals.

2022 Asian Games Schedule

Commencing on September 25, The whole tournament has been divided into four stages:

  • Group Stage

It will be held from September 25th to 26th where 20 teams will be divided into groups of four. All matches held will be best of one and the top team from each group will advance further into playoffs that is Quarter Finals and join the other four seeded teams.

  • Quarter-Finals

The Quarter Finals will take place on September 27th where all the eight teams will compete in a single elimination bracket. This time format will follow the best of three instead of one. The four teams will advance to the semi-finals.

  • Semi-Finals

The semi-finals will be held among the four teams on September 28th where two will advance into the race for gold and the other two have to fight for Bronze.

  • Bronze Medal & Grand Final

The grand final is scheduled for September 29th. The winner of the grand final will be awarded a Gold medal, while the runner-up will receive a Silver medal. Lastly, the contest for the Bronze medal will take place between the 3rd and 4th teams from the semi-final stage.

At the time of writing, there is not any official confirmation of where you can watch these games. However, for the Koreans, the Korea Esports Association YouTube channel will live stream all the LoL games of South Korean teams.

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