European League Finals 2022 in Rocket League: A new premier class is born

The 32 best teams from nine European competitions meet for the first time as a part of the European... Fragster | 12. January 2023

The 32 best teams from nine European competitions meet for the first time as a part of the European League Finals 2022. From January 13 to 15, the best European Rocket League teams will play online for a total of €5,000 in prize money.

During the conversation, Bingo from the Nitro League (DACH) told us more about the project:

“The Nitro League is leading the European League Finals. The idea of ​​such a competition for the “bubble scene” had been around for a long time, and since the beginning of 2022, the concrete implementation of the project has started”.

The scheduling of the competition should have been in accordance with its name, but due to scheduling conflicts with the UniRockeeters, the tournament was moved to January 2023.


Players from a total of 17 nations were able to qualify with their teams via the national competition and claim a spot in the European League Finals (ELF). It should be mentioned that at this point, not all nations or associations have their own league system and therefore have organized extra qualifiers for the ELF. How the qualification looked in detail was up to each organizer.

In the European League Finals, on the other hand, the format is fixed and the path to the title is the same for every team. First, a 32-team Swiss Bracket will be played, with the top 16 squads qualifying for double-elimination playoffs. The tournament will be played in a best-of-five format until the semi-finals, with only the top three teams enjoying best-of-seven games.

The prize money distribution is as follows:

  1. €2.750
  2. €1.500
  3. €750

All teams are separated from tournament victory by only eight games. These are the teams aim to secure the first ELF title:

  • Nitro League (DACH)
    • Morekats Gaming, ERN ROAR, Esport BERG, ReckenRockets
  • Zebra League / RTP Arena (PT)
    • Astro Allegiance, Skills Esports, Two Plus One, Impulse GW
  • Swedish Raketligan (S)
    • Ascence, OGC FC, Goa Gubbar, Sanctuary
  • Telialigaen (N)
    • AW3 Esports, Mustu Fluck, Rotaryon Esports, Nidaros
  • Rocket League (FIN)
    • Dust Sucker, Arkijuustoviipale, tiimilol, From The Air!
  • Rocket League (DK)
    • Antarctica, Masonic, Triple Bypass, The Sauced Kindergarten
  • Elite Series (BeNeLux)
    • KVM Esports, Heet BNLX, Sector One, Dynasty
  • TCS eSports League with Opel (CH)
    • KSM, mYsanity
  • Swiss Esports League (CH)
    • DIVE Esports, Vision Gaming

The entire tournament will take place online and will be held under the motto “Fairness, Equality, and Sportsmanship”.


As planned, there will be a stream in eight languages, giving each league the opportunity to show their teams on the European stage. This arrangement is reminiscent of the team streams during the first day of RLCS in the Regionals and is met with enthusiasm from fans there.

Psyonix not involved

In February 2022, many of the Rocket League leagues were in limbo and Psyonix first had to clarify its new community guidelines. Nevertheless, or perhaps because of this, we can now look forward to the European League Finals, in which Psyonix is ​​not involved. Instead, a team of 26 people from all regional leagues form the organization.

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