Berserker is LCS MVP

One of the flagship players of the LCS has managed to take his greatness and talent to new heights... Eduardo | 7. April 2023

One of the flagship players of the LCS has managed to take his greatness and talent to new heights in this Spring Split 2023, which is still ongoing. In addition to accumulating many more followers, he was awarded the most prestigious award in the NA LoL scene, the MVP.

We are talking about Kim “Berserker” Min-Cheol, one of the most promising players in the League of Legends scene in NA, who has been one of the main architects of the excellent Split of his team, Cloud9.

LCS announces Berserker as the MVP of the Spring Split 2023

Through a statement on its Twitter account, the LCS announced that Berserker would take the Spring Split 2023 MVP award. This is a great feat for this player, who marks a milestone in his second season in the LCS.

This award achieved by Berserker comes after Cloud9 also won the LCS Spring Coaching Staff of the Split award a few days ago. In addition, this may give the team much more momentum heading into the Split Grand Finals next Sunday, April 9.

About Berserker

Despite being only 19 years old, Berserker remains one of the mainstays in a Cloud9 lineup that is undoubtedly star-studded. Thanks to an excellent debut season, Berserker was crowned with C9 at the LCS Championship 2022 in Chicago. As a result, the player managed to play in Worlds 2022, representing the LCS in just his first year in the league.

But it doesn’t end there, as the 19-year-old South Korean continued to work hard to improve his already excellent performance ahead of the 2023 season. According to Oracle’s Elixir database, Berserker finished the Spring Split with an impressive KDA of 10.3.

If that wasn’t enough, Berserker set an impressive milestone by recording his second “Pent kill” on Zeri in the 2023 Spring Split. Thanks to this, the player is also considered one of the best players currently in the LCS.

Another award for Berserker

But, the MVP was not the only award Berserker got from this Spring Split 2023, as he was also voted to be the first team of this spring season. This achievement was very close to materializing in a couple of opportunities in the 2022 season, but he did not have enough votes.


Credits: LCS

There is no doubt that Berserkers is one of the main players in this Cloud9 lineup, even though he is a key member outside the Summoner’s Rift. Plus, he’s also among the most popular players at 19 years old and with his outgoing manner on streams and social media.

Currently, Cloud9 is qualified for the grand final of the LCS Spring Split 2023, which gave them a direct ticket to the MSI. Cloud9’s opponent in the final will be known on Saturday, April 8, when FlyQuest and Golden Guardians play the match corresponding to the Lower Bracket final.

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