Apex Legens season 14 brings crazy bug

More often than not, a new Apex Legends update also brings new bugs into the game, and the launch... Fragster | 11. August 2022

More often than not, a new Apex Legends update also brings new bugs into the game, and the launch of Apex Season 14 wasn’t any different. It’s just the way things are and players know to expect at least a few things to break in the game at the start of a new season. But this time, it got wild. 

What if your favorite character got some brand new skills? Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted was released on August 9 with a few of game-changing bugs.

The new Apex Legends bug

Hunted’s patch brought one of the most interesting bugs we’ve seen in Apex Legends. With the latest update, players reported a bug that caused their Legends to spawn with the wrong abilities. Not entirely random, however, as they are the abilities of other Legends in the game, just not the ones you chose when selecting your Legend.

Players usually tend to get angry about the bugs in Apex Legends and ask Respawn Entertainment for an immediate fix. In this case, however, players seem to be having fun as this bug has created an unexpectedly fun game mode. A Reddit user posted an example of this error where he had Bloodhound’s abilities while playing Bangalore.

In the clip, he can be seen using Bloodhound’s Eye of the Allfather tactical ability, which briefly reveals enemies, traps, and clues through structures in front of the player. You can also see that the player can see clues on the ground, which is Bloodhound’s passive ability, Tracker. However, the original poster’s HUD shows, aside from the skills, that he’s actually playing Bangalore and is in a match with a teammate on Bloodhound.

bangalore and bloodhound switch abilities from apexlegends

Crazy combinations

The Apex Reddit thread revealed plenty of crazy combinations that players got to play with, for example, “Horizoncastle” — Horizon with New Castle’s abilities, or “Ashloba” — Ash with Loba’s abilities.

One user wondered what would happen if a player played a Legend with Mirage abilities. “Then would the bait be Mirage or the Legend you play?” they asked. According to many more screenshots and clips posted on Reddit, a player’s Legend that has access to Mirage’s abilities would spawn dummies of the original Legend.

Tthere was another instance of the bug where Newcastle spawned with Valkyrie’s abilities. The team was outside the ring and took damage, but thanks to “NewValk” the team made it safely to the next ring.

Jokes aside, Respawn Entertainment could potentially turn this new Apex Legends bug into a limited-time mode or in-game April Fool’s joke, where players can choose their Legend and mix it in with some of their favorite other abilities in the game.

What’s new in Apex Legends 14?

The new Apex Legends Season brought nerfs to popular Legend Valkyrie, while less popular Legends such as Newcastle and Mad Maggie get some big buffs.

All of Valkyrie’s abilities were affected by the nerf, with the exception of her scan liabilities. However, her jump jets now accelerate more slowly and use 33% more fuel. Perhaps more importantly, her missiles no longer slow turning and aiming when enemies are hit by them and the duration of the slow for enemies has been reduced. Plus, the missiles create smaller explosions and her Skyfall will have 25% less height, making it a little less useful, but still one of the best skills in the game.

Meanwhile, Newcastle got a buff to Revive Shield, Tactical Shield, and Ultimate. He will move faster when pulling teammates out of harm’s way and the white and blue knockdown shields he uses have 50 HP more. Moreover, His Tactical Shield gets a 150hp boost and now moves twice as fast when deployed or redirected. Finally, Newcastle’s ultimate wall gains extra penetration when enemies hit his electric barrier.

As for Mad Maggie, her tactical drill speed has been doubled, while her ultimate — The Wrecking Ball — has been completely redesigned. It now flies twice as far and lasts twice as long. Most importantly, it will now also damage Newcastle and Rampart walls, as well as other destructible abilities like Loba’s Black Market. Best of all, Maggie’s ult now completely destroys the Dome of Gibraltar. This really makes her the legend who can counter the strongest defensive setups in the game.

Header: Respawn Entertainment