All about Operation Commanding Force for Rainbow Six Siege

In Year 8 Season 1, Rainbow Six Siege will welcome a new Operator to the team. Operation Commanding Force... Maria | 3. March 2023

In Year 8 Season 1, Rainbow Six Siege will welcome a new Operator to the team. Operation Commanding Force adds a wide range of material to Siege, including numerous modifications that enhance the player experience. In addition, the Year 8 journey for Siege will begin in the upcoming season with a new tool called the Kludge Drone that the Attacker, Brava, will use.

Adding an attacker like her to the title has always caused a furor among fans. In the previous season, Operation Sun Raid incorporated Colombian defender Solis, who resembles IQ’s defensive skills. While Tom Clancy’s game is slowly returning to its roots, Ubisoft is probably focusing on more balance changes as Year 8 approaches.

Today we bring you all the information about the upcoming Operator, equipment, and devices.

All about Operation Commanding Force for Rainbow Six Siege

Upon reaching Year 8 of Rainbow Six Siege, Brava will be a potent attacker. In addition to her equipment, she will also carry her primary device, the Kludge Drone, which can be used to turn a Defender’s utility against her. The Kludge Drone can transfer loyalty to Attackers when activated.

They will use Lesion GU mines, Echo Yokai drones, and Kapkan EDD (Entry denial devices) against them. However, they will eliminate Bandit Batteries and Thunderbird Kona stations.

The Defenders can stop this powerful device by introducing Mute and Mozzie to the game. The Jammer Mute can prevent the Kludge Drone from entering a particular area. Still, if Brava manages to take control of the Jammer, he can also use it to stop the nearby Defender utility from working.

However, if Mozzie manages to get hold of Kludge with his Plagues, he can hack his gadgets and use them against the Attackers. Likewise, if Mozzie employs Kludge, Nomad Airjabs and additional tools such as Claymore can be used against Attackers.

Weapons in Brava’s equipment

It has been a year since Rainbow Six Siege introduced a new weapon with an Operator. Unfortunately for all fans, the Brave Attacker will bring nothing new to Operation Commanding Force.

For loadout options, players can employ the following options:

Primary Weapons

  • PARA-308 (Assault rifle)
  • CAMRS (Marksman rifle)

Secondary Weapons

  • USP 40Super Shorty

Secondary Gadgets

  • Claymore
  • Smoke Grenade

By selecting one of two possibilities for their artifacts or weapons of each class, Brava players can tailor their loadout. Their two primary weapons are good choices; one is better suited for close-quarters shootouts, while the other is better suited for more aggressive maneuvers.

As Ubisoft has said, they are improving the Compensator and Muzzle Break gun attachments in Operation Commanding Force, so various branches can also be tested.

When will Rainbow Six Siege players be able to play Brava?

On March 7, players can look forward to the launch of Operation Commanding Force on the live servers. Rainbow Six Siege fans are celebrating the upcoming season. Ubisoft will implement strict security measures, such as a specially designed anti-cheat feature for console players using a mouse and keyboard. In addition, it will also improve the anti-toxicity function of Operation Commanding Force.

Header: Ubisoft