A new tournament mode might be coming to Overwatch 2

The Overwatch 2 community wishes to have a different competitive queue for elite players, and the game developers seem... Maria | 19. March 2023

The Overwatch 2 community wishes to have a different competitive queue for elite players, and the game developers seem to be fulfilling that wish. A new competitive mode could be coming to the game very soon.

New competitive mode

Apparently, the developers of Overwatch 2 may be thinking about creating a competitive queue exclusively for Grand Master (GM) players.

The gaming community has been asking Overwatch 2 developers for a new competitive tournament game mode, but nobody seemed to take them seriously. However, now that VALORANT has released a Premier game mode, all Overwatch 2 users are a little envious that they still don’t have this new feature.

However, it seems that the Blizzard team responsible for Overwatch 2 has been listening to all these requests from the community; moreover, they may be working on it.

A few days ago, in a Twitch broadcast with Eskay and Jay3, there was Gavin Winter, the system designer of Overwatch 2, along with other game developers. The conversation was interesting, and Gavin Winter gave critical information about a new game mode.

Winter was asked about the possibility of queuing accompanied by more than two companions. The designer’s answer at first focused on the development challenges of the game so that GM players could compete against each other. Then, however, he said that a competitive queue might appear later.

Winter commented that they have been listening to all the community’s requests and are working on bringing a more competitive approach to the game that is not a competitive queue. Although he did not directly refer to a new competitive tournament mode, he has left this possibility up to interpretation.

GM Player Ranking Queue

Just as the community is calling for a new competitive game mode, GM players are calling for an exclusive ranked mode.

Overwatch 2 developers agree with GM players expressing how difficult it is to find a balanced game. Gavin Winter has commented on this issue and says that despite their adjustments to matchmaking, it is still challenging to find evenly-matched games where the best players in the title reach the top 500.

Long waiting times in the game

The best GM players must wait for long periods to be able to play a match. This fact has been evidenced in live broadcasts where streamers must wait a long.

Let’s talk about putting five professional players on the same team. This generates a significant advantage over the opposing team, which does not have the same amount of professional players. So teams often have to wait a long before they can start playing.

However, this problem can be solved by including a new competitive game mode exclusively for GMs. But for now, the developers have not given any more clues on the subject; we still have to wait to see if this new mode comes to the game.

Header: Blizzard Entertainment