Zack Snyder wants to direct a live-action Fortnite Movie

Popular Hollywood director, Zack Snyder has expressed an interest in directing a live-action movie on Epic’s popular Battle Royale... Shubh | 20. December 2023

Popular Hollywood director, Zack Snyder has expressed an interest in directing a live-action movie on Epic’s popular Battle Royale game, Fortnite.

Although there has been much speculation about a Fortnite film for some time, an acclaimed filmmaker has finally stated that he would want to make a film on the battle royale title. Zack Synder, the renowned director of Justice League, stated in an interview with Etalk that he would be interested in making a Fortnite film.

In a recent interview with Etalk, Snyder discussed his ambitions when asked if he would want to film a Fortnite movie. Upon hearing this, the director replied, “Of course!” and advised that such opportunities should never be turned down. He continued by saying that although he had intended to create Rebel Moon skins for Fortnite, it never happened.

Is Fortnite getting a movie? 

Earlier this year, Snyder talked about how much he loves Fortnite in an interview. It was his son who initially got Snyder interested in the game, and the two spent time together getting to know Fortnite. Shortly afterward, his kid quit playing, but Snyder kept dabbling. He’s even begun purchasing skins, such as the Mr. Meeseeks cosmetic from Rick and Morty.

Although he acknowledged that he went “down a bad rabbit hole” when playing Epic’s battle royale, it did help him identify some preferences, including his preferred game style (No Build). Furthermore, when asked by journalists which video games might make excellent motion pictures, director Zack Snyder—who has helmed Man of Steel, 300, and the Dawn of the Dead remake—named Halo and Gears of War as his two favorites.

Unfortunately for him, a live-action Gears of War movie has already been confirmed by Netflix, and a Halo TV series was already launched by Paramount+ last year.  However, Epic has not made any announcements regarding a Fortnite movie.

If Snyder can bring the film to life, it has the potential to become an enormous smash, especially considering the popularity of recent video game adaptations such as The Super Mario Bros. Movie, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and the well-liked animated series Arcane, which is based on League of Legends.

It’s unclear if it will ever be developed into a live-action or animated movie, but Snyder appears anxious to try. Considering his background in narrating epic tales with several well-known, iconic characters, such as Batman and Superman, Considering his background in narrating powerful stories including several well-known characters, like Batman Superman, and the renowned Joker, he would seem to be among the best candidates for this role.

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