Aui_2000 leaves Tundra Esports

Aui_2000 is one of the most famous people in Dota 2. As a player, he won The International 5... Radu M. | 1. December 2023

Aui_2000 is one of the most famous people in Dota 2. As a player, he won The International 5 with Evil Geniuses. As a coach, he won The International 11 with Tundra Esports.

He is the first person to accomplish this great feat, and the only Canadian so far to win The International. And let’s not forget that Arteezy is also a Canadian.

About Aui_2000

Aui_2000 joined Tundra Esports at the end of 2021. Just one year later, he was a TI champion again. His contribution to Tundra was probably substantial. Because before he joined, this team had only won a single tournament, and it wasn’t even a DPC one.

The role of a Dota 2 coach is not well defined. Each coach has his own style and relies on his unique experience to assist his team in winning matches. In Aui’s case, it’s pretty clear from the outside that he’s not exactly a great motivator.

Rather, he’s a very analytical person whose insights into drafting and map movements allow him to communicate to his players what needs to be done to win in each scenario.

At The International 11, Tundra was so far ahead of everyone else that they completely dismantled Team Secret in the Grand Final. The score was 3 – 0 and Puppey jokingly said that they were cheating.

Their versatility was so high that they could simply take just about any hero and play in any way they desired, confusing their opponents and misleading them about their timings, pairings, and so on. This led to a very dominant TI11 performance and a pretty solid season in 2023.

But soon after the third DPC Major, things started to change. Tundra went from finishing 3rd at the Bali Major to finishing just 9th – 12th at Riyadh Masters. At DreamLeague S21 they were 5th – 6th. But at The International 12, instead of getting a top result, they only managed to finish 13th – 16th.

Not long after, Tundra’s roster disbanded almost completely. The only one left was Topson. Aui_2000 waited for his contract to expire and exactly two years after he joined the organization, he decided to leave. Now, aged 31, he could either retire, become a caster, or join some other team.

In the coming weeks, we will probably find out what he’s decided to do. Plenty of great organizations are in need of a good coach. But he might not be interested in doing that anymore.

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