WZM: Renetti best-for-mobile loadout!

A three-round burst pistol by default, the Renetti can be converted using an aftermarket part to become a close-range,... Paolo | 5. April 2024

A three-round burst pistol by default, the Renetti can be converted using an aftermarket part to become a close-range, fully-automatic pistol-caliber SMG.

Boasting of fast TTKs perfect for those close quarter engagements, the Renetti can solidly content with all the other SMGs available in Warzone Mobile.

What are some of the best attachments for this fast-firing and easy-to-handle pistol conversion? We tested it out during current play and found this build to work!



AFTERMARKET: JAK Ferocity Carbine Kit (Arsenal Store and/or obtainable at max level) 

The most essential part of the build, the JAK Ferocity Carbine kit transforms this burst pistol into a pistol caliber, automatic weapon. The frame allows for better aiming and bullet velocity.


UNDERBARREL: Bruen Tactical Vertical Grip (unlocked by leveling the MCW to Level 9)

This grip helps capitalize on the potential of the Renetti as a close-quarter shredder by improving on hipfire spreads and gun kick control, as well as increasing the firing aim stability


OPTIC: Cronen INTLAS MSP-12 (unlocked at Arsenal Store)

This clean and precise sight allows for reduced hipfire spreads and ADS times, as well as better aiming stability. While it blocks the laser attachment, it already offers a clean and precise aiming and targeting – perfect for close range engagements.


MAGAZINE: 50 Round Drum (unlocked at Level 14)

The Renetti conversion has quite a fast fire rate and can easily shred opponents, especially at close range. This rapid fire rate will leave you hungry for more ammunition to bring down opponents in intense, close quarter gunfights. Use the 50-round drum mag attachment to make the most out of your Renetti’s CQB potential!


MUZZLE: Sonic Suppressor XS (unlocked by leveling the COR-45 at Level 10)

The pistol version of the Sonic Suppressor functions very much like its bigger brothers by greatly increasing bullet velocity and adding a small damage range increase, allowing you to engage enemies at better distances. 


These attachments can help you utilize a flexible, easy-to-use pistol conversion which can definitely help you clean house or as a primary weapon support!