Stellar Blade: The Ultimate Beginner Guide for 2024

Shift Up’s grand sci-fi action-adventure Stellar Blade has already sold millions of dollars of content across the world thanks... Stalingrad | 29. April 2024

Shift Up’s grand sci-fi action-adventure Stellar Blade has already sold millions of dollars of content across the world thanks to its compelling story and incredibly immersive gameplay. Heroine: you play Eve, a hero who must save the planet out of an alien invasion.

However, learning the game’s maze of challenges and unlocking its full potential can prove daunting for new players. Luckily, this guide will teach you how to conquer Stellar Blade like a pro in 2024.

Understanding the Drone Capabilities

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At the heart of your arsenal is Eve’s drone – a lifesaver that reveals the world around you. Mastering scanning is crucial, as it reveals tons of hidden enemies, supply crates, dead humans with loot boxes, and more. Scan will be the key that will get to each corner of the game – don’t underestimate the power of scanning.

Using Camps as Recovery and Resource Centers

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In the midst of battle, camps are vital resting places and replenishing areas. Stellar Blade offers two camps: Legion Camps and Supply Camps.Legion Camps offer basic amenities like rest, music changes and skill adjustments, while Supply Camps add on extras like repair consoles to upgrade your gear and payphones for easy travel.

Taking Advantage of Fast Travel and Map Features

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In Stellar Blade time is a precious commodity – and the fast payphone system means you can skip long commutes between locations and simply concentrate on the action. Complement this feature with the game’s detailed map, accessible by swiping up on the DualSense pad, to navigate more efficiently and uncover hidden secrets lurking in every region.

Upgrades to Eve’s Abilities

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Eve’s combat power and efficiency are directly tied to her abilities and upgrades, so their development is crucial. Earn Skill Points for defeating enemies and finishing missions to unlock new skills which improve your fighting power.

Increase Eve’s health and energy levels with Body Cores and Beta Cores to make her more resilient to face the toughest challenges. Upgrade her gear, accessories, drone and equipment to unlock combat buffs and special effects that can change the outcome of any encounter.

Defeating Enemies with Strategy and Skills

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Engage foes with Eve’s vast array of combos and skills, managing your energy reserves wisely to deploy devastating maneuvers. Learn Perfect Parry and Perfect Dodge, timing your inputs perfectly to allow for brutal counterattacks and reflective counters.

Use stealth to knock down foes or upgrade your drone for ranged combat when face to face combat isn’t an option. Recall that the Action Assist setting in the settings can even show you real-time event prompts to help you time defensive moves.

Collecting Unique Items and Solving Puzzles

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Beyond the combat, Stellar Blade also has plenty of loot and puzzles to solve. Hunt for lost cans around the game world and solve puzzles that lead to hidden levels that provide new challenges and rewards.

Completing Side Quests and Engaging in Bounties

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Explore the side quests and bounties that come with various rewards and challenges for your journey. Side quests (indicated by exclamation points on the map) often return quickly to quest givers and offer entertaining tales to chew on. 

Bounties on bulletin boards offer a variety of tasks, from fishing mini-games to specialized tasks, with rare and powerful rewards.

Increasing Affinity with Vendors

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Relationships with vendors are essential for accessing improved inventory items and new growth opportunities. Repeatedly purchase from specific vendors to increase your affinity, gradually unlocking new tiers of powerful goods to aid you on your quest. 

This mechanic encourages players to form relationships with the game’s characters, making for a deeper experience for those who invest in Stellar Blade.


You’ll know exactly how to beat Stellar Blade and win in 2024 with these insider secrets. Embrace the journey, learn the mechanics and chart your way to preserving Earth from nuclear destruction in this epic sci-fi adventure.

Recall that it is a tough road ahead, but with persistence and the tips here you will be a hero prepared to face any obstacle in your way.