WZM: Fennec 45 best-for-mobile loadout!

The Fennec 45 is a submachine gun designed both as an efficient primary or as a quick response secondary... Paolo | 24. April 2024

The Fennec 45 is a submachine gun designed both as an efficient primary or as a quick response secondary in battle royale engagements, and is based off of the KRISS Vector SMG.

An iconic Call of Duty classic, the Fennec 45 can do well in close-quarter battle BR modes such as Resurgence, where its range and power can do really well in gunfights.

While it is currently outside of the absolute meta range, the Fennec 45 can be great for close quarters in the hands of a skilled soldier. We tested it out during both the Limited Release and the current play and found this build to work!

NOTE: MWII guns have yet to receive compatibility with MWIII attachments in Warzone Mobile. We will update this page accordingly once MWIII attachments are available.

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REAR GRIP: Fennec Rubber Grip (unlocked at Level 21)

This rear grip allows for faster aiming and sprint-to-fire, making your Fennec 45 a good response choice for different scenarios.

MUZZLE: Singuard Mk V (unlocked by leveling the VEL 46 to Level 16)

The Singuard Mk V greatly adds to the Fennec’s bullet velocity, while also adding a small damage range increase and recoil control benefit, allowing you to engage enemies at various close-to-mid-range distances. 

UNDERBARREL: VX Pineapple (unlocked by leveling up the 556 Icarus to Level 14)

The VX Pineapple offers great stability and control when firing, especially when beaming out or in prolonged firing scenarios. This also gives much-needed stability for those wanting to use the Fennec 45 as a hip-fire SMG.

MAGAZINE: Fennec Mag 45 (unlocked at Level 15)

Unlike other SMGs, the Fennec 45’s max mag capacity is at 45 rounds with this attachment. However, the larger-caliber .45 Auto round mitigates this lesser round advantage by having bigger damage per shot. Use it to maximize the SMG’s potential in gunfights, especially at close range.

LASER: Point G3P-04 (unlocked by leveling up the Expedite 12 shotgun to Level 11)

The Point G3P-04 is a green hipfire-centered laser which can also help reduce the overall sprint to fire time of your Fennec 45. This allows your build to be used effectively whenever you’re aiming down sights or firing from the hip at close quarters.


OPTIC: Cronen Mini Dot [to replace laser] 

In place of a laser, the Cronen Mini Dot can help Fennec 45 users focusing on ADS to have a much clearer sight picture and lesser visual recoil. This can help for faster and more precise target acquisition, especially in those crucial final zones.

These attachments can help you utilize the power of the Fennec 45, allowing you to have a weapon viable for powerful close quarter combat!