WSOW delay is called regrettable by Warzone 2 players

The Warzone 2 gaming community complains about the delay of WSOW and calls it a shameful postponement. According to... Maria | 4. May 2023

The Warzone 2 gaming community complains about the delay of WSOW and calls it a shameful postponement.

According to information released by the Warzone 2 developers, the Phase 1 qualifiers for North America and the EU are postponed due to problems with the game. Unfortunately, the gaming community took the opportunity to raise an even bigger problem with Activision. The community was referring to the World Series of Warzone 2023.

This year, the World Series of Warzone 2023 has suffered many setbacks. Among these setbacks were technical difficulties, which forced Activision to postpone the 2022 finals. At the same time, the controversy over cheating players arose, and some games could not be played.

After that, the problems for Activision continued as the developer started an investigation into the game’s server problems. It is important to note that these investigations started on April 20, just a few days before WSOW kicked off.

Warzone 2 server problems

With the ongoing investigation of the Warzone 2 server problems, OpTic Teep, an excellent professional gamer, questioned how Activision could organize a tournament of this magnitude with the instability of the game’s servers. Recall that the prize pool for the tournament was $1.2 million.

With the outcome of the investigation, the game developers were forced to delay the qualifiers. This is the worst nightmare for all players participating in the tournament.

IA enemies in Warzone 2

Yesterday, May 3, Activision informed us that the qualifiers of phase 1 for both North America and the European Union have unfortunately been postponed. On the other hand, Activision assures that, at this moment, the whole team is working to give the final touches to the updates; they also hope to inform the whole community very soon what the plans are.

Following this publication, the community believes the qualifiers have been postponed due to IA enemies. However, Activision has not informed what is the cause of the problem.

But remember that ModernWarzone, in a Warzone 2 Livestream, commented that the server problems were due to IA enemies and Strongholds.

Then, thanks to Warzone Loadout, we were able to know more information where he commented that in the first EU game, he had to restart because of the slowness of the server. Now, when Strongholds started, the game collapsed.

The player community wants IA enemies to be removed from the game

After seeing all the problems caused by IA enemies, the community asks them to be removed.

Recently a content creator commented that this was a shameful fact and wondered if Warzone ranked would be dead before it was even in the game.

On the other hand, a game user has commented that nobody cares about IA enemies and asks that they should be removed.

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