Virtus Pro Signs Team Generation Under VP.Prodigy Banner

Virtus Pro are showing no signs of slowing down in their pursuit of success in the Dota 2 scene,... Pablo | 20. January 2021

Virtus Pro are showing no signs of slowing down in their pursuit of success in the Dota 2 scene, having now announced the acquisition of Team Generation. While competing in the Upper Bracket of the CIS 2021 Dota Pro Circuit regional league would be enough for most organizations, Virtus Pro has now made improvements to its second roster.

Virtus Pro General Manager Sergey “F1yleaf” Glamaza confirmed the news that Team Generation had been acquired, meaning that Evgeniy “Noticed” Ignatenko, Denis “Larl” Sigitov, Ilyas “celebrity” Gainullin, Maksim “forcemajor” Meretskii, Vladislav “dSa” Shuvaev, and coach Daniil “Schelk” Shelkunov would all be part of the VP.Prodigy lineup.

Why VP Acquired Team Generation

Team generation were one of just two teams to make it through to the lower division CIS league through the second open qualifiers. Having done so, the team is currently preparing for encounters against the likes of HellRaisers, Gambit Esports and B8, among others. However, the team will not be competing under the banner of VP.Prodigy following the news this week.

There has been much discussion about what exactly the future holds for Virtus Pro of late, with their academy lineup having often outperformed its main roster. In fact, the former VP.Prodigy roster was promoted back in November, meaning that they now make up the Virtus Pro lineup.

What VP Has Said on their Latest News

Having made such changes, Vitalie “Save-“ Melnic’s team won the EPIC League Division 1 at the end of last year, beating OG in the process, meaning that they remained on top of the CIS rankings. Speaking on the acquisition of Team Generation, General Manager Glamazda had the following to say:

“We didn’t rush to announce our new squad as we wanted to let the guys grow and play in a competitive environment without unnecessary pressure. By qualifying to the Lower Division of ESL One CIS Online S1 they proved to be ready for the public attention and worthy of representing the VP.Prodigy brand, which is already associated with strong results in Dota 2.”

Unknown to some, Virtus Pro has been offering aid to Team Generation sine last summer, giving them the finances required, as well as providing a coach and training bootcamp. It remains to be seen as to how successful the purchase of Team Generation will be, however it should not take long for this question to be answered.