Ubisoft announce delay to new Rainbow Six season

Ubisoft have announced that the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, named Operation Vector Glare, will be delayed after... Benjamin Mock | 4. June 2022

Ubisoft have announced that the next season of Rainbow Six Siege, named Operation Vector Glare, will be delayed after the developer identified a “player experience issue”.

Operation Vector Glare, the second season of 2022, was due to be released on June 7. However, Ubisoft have postponed the launch after discovering an unspecified player experience issue.

Operation Vector Glare delayed

Ubisoft have long operated a quarterly patch system for Rainbow Six Siege, with each calendar year receiving four major updates, known as seasons. Each season, titled like a military operation, introduces nerfs, buffs, and new characters.

Operation Vector Glare is due to be the second season of 2022, Rainbow Six’s seventh year. Vector Glare was slated to be a fairly substantial update for the game, adding new attacker Sens, the game’s first non-binary character, as well as a new map, ‘Close Quarter’. The operation would also add a practice tool known as the shooting range. There was also a major change to the operator Glaz, who was changed from a two-speed, two-armor operator to a one-armor, three-speed operator, giving him a lot more mobility.

Several quality-of-life changes, such as the ability to reduce or turn off screen shake, as well as changes to stream sniping protections, were also included in the update.

For the game’s thriving esports scene, Vector Glare was set to remove the rule that operators could not be used in competitive matches in the same season they were introduced, allowing players to use Sens in the upcoming Stage 2 competitions.

However, players will have to wait a while longer for this update to go live. Ubisoft announced on June 4 that they had encountered a “player experience issue” and would be delaying the launch of Vector Glare for an unspecified amount of time.

Many fans expressed their appreciation for the delay, applauding Ubisoft for taking the time to fix the issue rather than releasing the update in a broken state.

Rainbow Six esports potentially affected by delay

One area that may be more substantially impacted by the delay to Vector Glare is Rainbow Six’s esports scene. Stage 2 of the North American League is due to begin on June 14 while Stage 2 of the European League has a start date of June 20. Meanwhile, the two South American competitions that decide the teams competing in the Copa Elite Six — Brasileirão and Campeonato Sudamericano — are due to begin on June 18 and June 15 respectively.

The delay of Vector Glare may force the Stage 2 seasons to begin play on the previous patch and transition to the new patch when it is released.

At the time of writing, Ubisoft has not revealed a new release date for Operation Vector Glare

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