Virtex Stadium brings new way of experiencing Counter-Strike esports

Today, the Software developer Virtex and the analysis platform Skybox have announced a partnership that will introduce a new... Fragster | 12. April 2023

Today, the Software developer Virtex and the analysis platform Skybox have announced a partnership that will introduce a new and unique way of experiencing CS:GO and CS2 in 3D. 

Thanks to the Virtex Stadium esports platform, fans will now be able to spectate the Counter-Strike gameplay from the center of a virtual stadium while being able to view every angle of the map. 

The Virtex Stadium closed beta currently runs on desktop and on compatible VR headsets.
After its official launch, fans will be free to enter Stadium’s lobby and visit the main hall along with the lounge bar and a range of hangout spaces, as well as try games and other hidden interactions.

A new era of Counter-Strike esports

According to the official release, Skybox and Virtex have been working together throughout the past year on integrating Counter-Strike maps into the Stadium, while ensuring that everything, including key modes, map control, and other gameplay features, runs smoothly. 

While spectating, the Stadium’s visitors can decide to watch each round either from a seat in the audience or from any angle of the map. With full control of the camera, spectators can get a close look at all thrilling duels and clutches. 

Eventually, Virtex Stadium will be able to broadcast professional Counter-Strike matches to its visitors in order to provide an immersive 3D viewing experience. Moreover, the Stadium provides a virtual space for fans to watch live events with their friends without geographical limitations. 

Virtex co-founder Tim Mcguinness spoke on the announcement:    

We are thrilled to be introducing a massive title like Counter-Strike to the Virtex Stadium and giving more fans the opportunity to enjoy top-level gameplay in a way that’s never been done before. As the third most-watched esport last year, CS:GO already has an enormous following and we’re excited to be working with Skybox to deliver a 360° spectating experience unique to every fan. As a die-hard esports fan, I can’t wait to announce more of the upcoming tournaments we are set to feature in the stadium.”

Virtex’s ambitions

Created by Tim Mcguinness and Christoph Ortlepp, Virtex Stadium came out of a vision for redefining the esports fan experience which led to the founding of Virtex back in 2020. 

The company aims to become “home to the most memorable and unique events in gaming”, with Counter-Strike marking the second esports title on the platform. The first — Echo VR — was integrated last year, however, its developer Ready At Dawn has since announced the shutting down of the game set for August 2023. 

Adding Counter-Strike to its portfolio shows that Virtex is serious about its intentions to provide a new way of experiencing esports, and the company claims that this partnership is just the beginning. More announcements and the addition of other esports titles should follow in the coming months.

Header: Virtex