| 22. July 2021

Guilty Gear Strive | Goldlewis Dickinson Revealed As the First DLC Character!

Goldlewis Dickinson, the first DLC character to join Guilty Gear Strive, has just been unveiled and, needless to say, he’s quite a fascinating figure!

If you’ve played through Strive’s campaign, then you’ve surely recognized him as the Secretary of Defense. His fighting style can best be described as a brawling one — it’s less about finesse and more about brute force. His primary weapon is a huge coffin with an alien from Area 51 inside. You’ve read that correctly — ArcSystem Works really went all out with this one!

He’s slow and sluggish but once he grabs ahold of you he’ll definitely lay a beatdown! It’s all about heavy attacks, grappling, and staggering. He can also send out a barrage of bullets from his minigun, in case you’re more into fighting from afar, but that’ll by no means be his primary way to engage and duke it out.

But don’t just take our word for it, take a gander yourself!

Guilty Gear Strive | DLC Pass — Goldlewis Dickinson Is Just the Start

Those who purchase the entire Season Pass will be able to take Goldlewis Dickinson for a spin on July 27th. Everyone else, however, will have to wait for July 30th.

The second DLC character will be released by the end of August, with the third one having a fairly flexible Q4 2021 release date. Characters number four and five will see the light of day in 2022, along with two new Battle Stages and additional story DLC.

Thanks a recent data mine, we know that the remaining DLC characters are (spoilers ahead): Happy Chaos, Jack-O’ Valentine, Jam Kuradoberi, and Asuka (That Man). In which order they’ll be released still remains to be seen, but Goldlewis was also predicted before getting officially announced, so this list definitely has a bit of weight to it.

So, if you’ve been smitten with Guilty Gear Strive like so many folks across the globe, you definitely have something to look forward to! We’ll be back with more coverage over the coming weeks, so stay tuned!