Jamie | 15. December 2020

Betty, New & 705 Released by RNG

Bottom laner Lu “Betty” Yu-Hung and top laners Tian “New” Zhi-Peng and He “705” Yu-Long have all been released by Royal Never Give Up. The organization announced the news on Thursday, with the team having been a major disappointment in the League of Legends Pro League in 2020.

While poor showings during the season meant that changes in the offseason were almost inevitable, few would have predicted that RNG would have parted ways with the trio. Royal Never Give Up finished in seventh position at the Spring Split, before dropping to ninth during the Summer Split. It was such results, as well as the performances of Betty, which led RNG to sign up and coming AD carry Chen “GALA” Wei from Dominus Esports.

Why Royal Never Give Up Have Made Such Changes

The arrival of GALA certainly had the desired effect, with the 19-year-old having helped the team in winning a host of matches. However, even the former OnlyGame and SinoDragon man was ultimately unable to help NRG in improving upon their overall standings. Meanwhile, top laners New and 705 failed to live up to expectation too, having been brought in to fill the void left by Xie “Langx” Zhen-Ying, who had had developed a good understanding with his teammates.

Following the three departures, RNG moved quickly to bring in reinforcements, with the organization having already announced their roster for the upcoming season. Royal Never Give Up has signed two ex-eStar Gaming players, including Yan “Wei” Yang-Wei, while Yang “Xiaobai” Zhong-He will switch from the top to the middle lane.

Will NRG Be Able to Improve Upon Their Performances in 2020?

It remains unclear as to just how the team will lineup for the new season, with real question markets still remaining surrounding the calibre of Xiaohu, who will come up against established top laners such as Nuguri, Zoom, Bin and 369, each of whom has experience on the international stage. Elsewhere, Assistant Coach Poppy has joined from the academy roster, while Wang “S1xu” Kang-Can, Shen “Sereno” Dong-Yu and Head Coach Cho “Mata” Se-hyeong have all departed the organization.