Vancouver Titans and Aspire part ways

The Vancouver Titans decided to make a drastic but very logical decision to terminate the employment of Luka “Aspire”... Eduardo | 28. June 2023

The Vancouver Titans decided to make a drastic but very logical decision to terminate the employment of Luka “Aspire” Rolovic after an accusation of grooming was revealed against him.

For those who don’t know, grooming is known as sexual harassment and abuse of a person online. Put another way; it is a crime where an adult contacts a minor to gain their trust and engage them in sexual activity. Grooming has different levels of danger, as it can start from just talking or texting about sexual matters to having an intimate encounter.

Undoubtedly, this is an extremely serious accusation that can greatly affect competition.

Vancouver Titans drop Aspire after grooming allegations

Through an official statement on their Twitter account, the Vancouver Titans announced that they were terminating Aspire following serious grooming allegations against him.

For those who do not know what has happened, an alleged victim published different accusations against Aspire in the last few hours. In the statement, a reference is made to Aspire to groom a young underage girl. In addition, on the Twitter account @ExposingAspire, reference is made to the fact that the young girl was 16 years old when she started her relationship with Aspire.

The alleged victim’s document includes many screenshots of her conversations on Discord with Aspire throughout their relationship. In addition, it details that she was hesitant for several months to go public with this situation, as she was afraid of a violent response from Aspire.

Aspire suspended from Team USA

Aspire was part of Team USA, that will play in the Overwatch World Championship later this year. However, after these allegations were made, the team decided to suspend the player. The 21-year-old was on Team USA as a substitute, but last June 20, it was announced that he would be in the starting lineup.

Now, after the announcement by the Titans regarding Aspire’s departure from the team, the player replied to the Tweet saying that the team knew everything that happened for more than 6 months. Furthermore, the player is disappointed and ironically alleges that those who covered it up and knew about this situation within the team should also be fired.

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