Trymbi confirms he won’t be a starter in Fnatic at Winter Split 2024

After a really difficult season for Fnatic, one of the best Supports in EMEA, Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus, confirms that... Eduardo | 15. November 2023

After a really difficult season for Fnatic, one of the best Supports in EMEA, Adrian “Trymbi” Trybus, confirms that he will not be with the team for next season.

Furthermore, Trymbi is currently without a team; as for now, he has not managed to find a new home to play in the upcoming LEC season.

This news comes after all the rumors that pointed out that Yoon “Jun” Se-jun will be Fnatic’s new Support for 2024. Trymbi shared that he was completely surprised, considering that Fnatic allowed him to explore options now that many teams have their squads defined for 2024.

Trymbi confirms he has no team for the Winter Split 2023

Through a statement on his official Twitter/X account, 23-year-old Polish superstar Trymbi assured that he has no team to play Winter Split 2023.

In this statement, Trymbi mentions that he was completely surprised by his current situation since he did not expect this 180° turn shortly. As we said, the 23-year-old Pole has no team to play in the Winter Split 2023, and now that Fnatic lets him explore his options, it turns out that most top-level teams already have their squad ready.

Similarly, the release mentions that Fnatic expressed their wishes to continue working with Trymbi, as they consider him a “high priority” asset.

Similarly, despite the Pole’s surprise, he also states that he will make the most of these weeks to devote himself to his personal life. In addition, he also assures that he will put into practice “everything he learned” throughout this 2023 season, which, without a doubt, was one of ups and downs for both him and Fnatic. Finally, the Support mentioned that he wants to prepare himself in the best possible way to be at the top of his game again.

About Trymbi

There is no doubt that Trymbi is one of the most talented Supports currently in EMEA.

Trymbi rose to fame when he signed on to be Rogue’s starting Support in 2020, where he helped the team become among the best in the region in their first season in the LEC. Also, since Trymbi has been part of the LEC, he has always played the Worlds every year, but without having the expected success, that’s for sure.

Likewise, it is also fair to mention that, in the LEC, Trymbi has managed to be champion once, so the player will want to return to his highest level to take his next team to the top. Let’s remember that the Pole signed with Fnatic for the Summer Split 2023 and was one of the pillars of the team’s extraordinary performance both in the Split and in the qualification for Worlds 2023.

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