Toronto Ultra and Atlanta FaZe are one step closer to CDL Major III 2023 Grand Final

The third day of competition at the CDL Major III 2023 left two of the tournament’s favorite teams one... Eduardo | 12. March 2023

The third day of competition at the CDL Major III 2023 left two of the tournament’s favorite teams one step closer to the Grand Final, Toronto Ultra and Atlanta FaZe. Just as they did in the online qualifiers, FaZe and Ultra continues to demonstrate exceptional play and are closer than ever to lifting the championship trophy.

On the other hand, after a devastating start and tremendous confidence and determination, the Seattle Surge could not overcome OpTic Texas and were eliminated from the Major. Finally, the Mutineers were another of the victims of the local team in this Major, as they could not do much against the green wall.

The battle for the crown will be between Atlanta FaZe, Toronto Ultra, Boston Breach, and OpTic Texas, to be defined in a few hours in Arlington, Texas.

OpTic Texas puts an end to Mutineers’ and Surge’s illusions

After being crushed by Boston Breach in the first game of the Winners Bracket, the local team of this Major III, OpTic Texas, managed to dispatch Florida Mutineers and Seattle Surge in the Elimination Bracket.

Against the Mutineers, OpTic opened with two very convincing wins in Hardpoint at Zarqwa Hydroelectic (250-204) and Search&Destroy at Breenbergh Hotel (6-3). Then, the Mutineers hit back in Hotel but in Control mode (3-2). Finally, with the series 2-1 in their favor, OpTic again demonstrated their power on Hardpoint at Mercado las Almas to take the 250-117 victory and advance to the next round.

In their match against Seattle Surge, OpTic had an identical result regarding the final score and gameplay (regarding wins). As against the Mutineers, the locals started with two excellent wins, 250-209 (Hardpoint) and 6-1 (Search&Destroy). However, Seattle responded immediately with a win at Hotel (Control) with a score of 3-1. Finally, OpTic finished off their rivals at Al Bagra Fortress (Hardpoint) with an excellent 250-120.

Atlanta FaZe suffers but manages to advance to the Winner’s Bracket final

Atlanta had a big scare in their Winners Bracket second-round match against Seattle Surge. The Major II champions started strong by winning Embassy (Hardpoint) and Hotel (Search&Destroy) by scores of 250-185 and 6-3, respectively.

The Surge, inspired in this tournament, returned to the match-winning Hotel (Control) with a score of 3-2 and Al Bagra Fortress (Hardpoint) 250-220. Finally, Atlanta managed a narrow 6-5 win on Search&Destroy to advance to the Winners Bracket grand final.

Toronto Ultra shows what it’s made of and sends Boston to the Elimination Brackets

In a thrilling match, Toronto Ultra pulled out a 3-2 victory over Boston Breach to advance to the Winners Brackets Grand Final to face Atlanta FaZe for a berth in the Major’s final.

Boston started the series on the right foot and took the 250-213 victory at Al Bagra Fortress (Hardpoint). Then, also at Al Bagra Fortress but in Search&Destroy, Toronto hit back with a narrow 6-5 win.

The teams moved to El Asilo (Control) for the series’ third game, and Toronto crushed Boston with an excellent 3-0 win. However, this didn’t mean that the Breach dropped their arms, as they managed to even the series at 2-2 thanks to a 250-243 win at the Hotel (Hardpoint). Finally, Toronto Ultra pulled out all the stops to take the 6-2 victory in the final match, also in Hotel, but in Search&Destroy mode.

Boston cuts the Cinderella run of the Las Vegas Legion

Las Vegas Legion, who were coming into this match after dropping Los Angeles Guerrillas and Los Angeles Thieves, was crushed by a Boston Breach that unleashed all its fury after coming so close to beating Toronto in the Winners Bracket.

Las Vegas could do nothing against Boston Breach, who won at Hotel 250-200 (Hardpoint), Al Bagra Fortress 6-2 (Search&Destroy), and again at Al Bagra Fortress 3-1 (Control).

With this victory, Boston advances to the next phase and will play the pass to the grand final of the Elimination Bracket against the local team, OpTic Texas.

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