TI 2023 Compendium review- Not the best, but better than nothing

The TI 2023 Compendium has arrived in Dota 2, but it’s a departure from past battle passes. Is it... Shubh | 28. September 2023

The TI 2023 Compendium has arrived in Dota 2, but it’s a departure from past battle passes. Is it worth it? Let’s explore its value and impact.

As Dota 2 fans eagerly delve into the TI 2023 Compendium, it’s hard not to notice that this year’s offering feels somewhat lackluster, especially when compared to the extravagant battle passes of yesteryears. The absence of the usual avalanche of cosmetics, custom game modes, and additional content might leave some fans feeling a tinge of disappointment. However, it’s essential to remember that while the Compendium may not be the grand spectacle we’ve grown accustomed to, it still plays a vital role in supporting The International and the competitive Dota 2 scene.

The Compendium has indeed taken a step back in terms of content. Gone are the days of thrilling hero skins and immersive game modes that used to accompany the battle passes. Instead, the spotlight is now firmly on the competitive scene. Predictions, fantasy leagues, and basic in-game cosmetics like HUDs and loading screens now take center stage. This strategic shift in Valve’s approach to The International could be attributed to several factors, including the desire to offer more regular updates to the core game and a shift towards more seasonal events.

One cannot ignore the impact this might have on the total prize pool for TI12. The Compendium has traditionally been the driving force behind the astronomical prize money that Dota 2’s premier tournament offers. In 2022, the prize pool fell short of its own record, and this year, with a smaller Compendium and challenges in the pro scene due to various factors, it’s quite possible that we may witness a further decline in the prize pool.

Is the TI 2023 Compendium worth it?

So, is the TI 2023 Compendium the best possible offering for The International? Probably not. Is it better than having nothing at all? Absolutely. While it may not cater to every fan’s desires for flashy cosmetics and extravagant rewards, it continues to serve as a means for the community to contribute to the tournament’s prize pool. It provides engagement and interaction opportunities through its various challenges and activities, which can enhance the overall TI experience for fans.

In the end, the TI 2023 Compendium reminds us that change is inevitable, even if the change feels like an old toy covered in a fancy wrap. Dota 2 is evolving, and Valve’s approach to celebrating its premier tournament is evolving with it. While we may pine for the glory days of battle pass past, we should also accept the Compendium for what it is—an essential component of The International that, despite its differences, still allows us to be part of something greater and contribute to the growth of competitive Dota 2.

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