Major HCS OpTic Arlington 2023 – Details

In a very short time, Texas will live the fever of Halo Infinite. The month of June begins with... Maria | 29. May 2023

In a very short time, Texas will live the fever of Halo Infinite. The month of June begins with HCS Dallas 23, and to the end of the month, the HCS Major will be held. It will undoubtedly be a very busy month for all Halo Infinite fans.

If you want to know all the Major HCS OpTic Arlington details, continue reading.

Major HCS OpTic Arlington 2023 Details

In June, Arlington will be the place to welcome the next HCS Major. The reigning world champions will host this new tournament.

The OpTic Gaming team’s facilities will host the teams fighting for the championship title and a share of the prize pool.

Major HCS OpTic Arlington Date

Arlington will experience Halo Infinite fever from June 30 to July 2. All fans who want to experience every thrill of the tournament up close and personal can now purchase tickets.

The general admission price is $50. On the other hand, all OpTic Nation Gold members will have early access to the tournament.

Major HCS OpTic Arlington Format

For the Arlington tournament in June, an open bracket will be used with 96 teams participating. All teams will vie for a spot in the Upper and Lower Brackets.

However, to qualify for the championship finals, teams must fight against each other in a 4 vs. 4 format. The best teams will then compete in Bo5 double elimination bouts, determining the top teams advancing to the Bo7 Grand Final.

Major HCS OpTic Arlington Prize Pool

The teams that reach the tournament’s final phase will fight for part of the prize pool and the title of champions.

For this tournament, the prize pool reaches the amount of $ 250K, and the winner will take home no less than $ 100K.

Who can participate in the tournament?

Any team can participate in the Major HCS OpTic Arlington. But first, each team must purchase a pass, which costs $250. This pass includes the four players on the squad and their coach.

Free For All Tournament

The Major HCS OpTic Arlington hosts will organize an extra tournament where anyone can participate. In addition, opTic Gaming is preparing a special tournament for fans who will be present where they will be in $5K games.

However, it is important to note that only 512 spectators can participate in this Free For All tournament.

Where to watch the Major HCS OpTic Arlington matches

Each match can be watched live on Halo’s official YouTube and Twitch channels. Another option to watch each match is the HCS Twitch and Halo Esports HCS YouTube channels. On the other hand, it is important to note that all fans who tune into the tournament will get exclusive Drops.

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