The hero meta of BetBoom Dacha

After one week of intense matches, BetBoom Dacha is finally over and Gaming Gladiators are the winners. One thing... Radu M. | 16. September 2023

After one week of intense matches, BetBoom Dacha is finally over and Gaming Gladiators are the winners.

One thing that was interesting to observe during this tournament was the evolving meta. Dota 2 patch 7.34c was released just in time to give the teams the opportunity to experiment with new possibilities. And, indeed, many of them did.

When we look at the most picked and most banned heroes, it’s clear that the new patch has already forced a lot of changes. Tactics and strategies that used to work really well are either no longer viable or require some adjustments.

Most picked heroes of the tournament

The most picked heroes of the tournament were Sven, Pangolier, Dark Seer, Keeper of the Light, and Rubick. Brewmaster, Storm Spirit, Warlock, Earthshaker, and Vengeful Spirit were also spammed.



Sven is probably the most impressive of the highly picked heroes because his win rate was 61.3%. He got played 31 times and banning him didn’t result in that much success either. He seems to be the kind of hero that you don’t want to ban but don’t want to play against either.

What makes Sven so strong is his ability to farm very quickly and then overpower almost any lineup with his cleave damage. Some lineups can dodge him while he’s in his God Strength mode, but most cannot. And even if you can dodge him, he usually comes with his team. A few slows, roots, or stuns will get you killed very quickly.

Rubick was played 20 times but his win rate was only 30%. He no longer seems to be the very strong support hero of the previous patches. But it’s too early to draw a final conclusion. The upcoming DreamLeague event will clarify the situation.

Earthshaker was the support with the biggest win rate: 70.6%. And he was picked 17 times. These stats are very impressive.

Templar Assassin, despite not being very successful at the community level, got picked 15 times and had a win rate of 60%.

Most banned heroes of the tournament

The hero who received the most bans was Invoker. Even with all the nerfs that he received, people are still afraid of playing against him. He got banned 53 times, which shows just how scary he is. The 2nd most banned hero was Beastmaster with 40 bans.

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