Team Liquid Honda Becomes the Champion of the LCS Spring Finals 2024

Welcome to the recap of the LCS 2024 Spring Finals, where Team Liquid (TL) and FlyQuest (FLY) battled for... Aleksandar | 2. April 2024

Welcome to the recap of the LCS 2024 Spring Finals, where Team Liquid (TL) and FlyQuest (FLY) battled for supremacy.

Let’s break down the intense action, game by game, revealing how TL clinched the championship in a series full of strategy, skill, and a few surprises along the way.

Game 1: Team Liquid Triumphs Over FlyQuest

TL vs FLY Game 1 Spring Finals LCS 2024

The opening game was a clear demonstration of TL’s dominance. Right from the start, TL took control, securing the first blood and maintaining a lead in objectives. Their early game strategy was on point, resulting in big advantages in drake control and skirmishes.

The game’s pace accelerated as Team Liquid continued to outmaneuver FlyQuest, securing objectives and executing flawless team fights. Their ability to turn engagements in their favor, often outnumbering or outsmarting their opponents, was evident.

Yeon, CoreJJ, and Impact stood out, making crucial plays that dismantled FLY. Despite FLY’s efforts to fight back, TL’s lead was too big, leading them to a decisive victory. This game was a statement from TL, showing that they were in it to win it.

Game 2: FlyQuest Fights Back

TL vs FLY Game 2 Spring Finals LCS 2024

Game 2 was a nail-biter. FLY responded with vigor, leading to a game filled with heart-stopping 2v2 battles and impressive solo plays. FLY’s bot lane stepped up, overcoming TL’s early aggression with superior CS and critical kills.

The turning point was a daring baron steal by TL, but FLY’s strategic plays around objectives and a decisive final team fight allowed them to tie the series. This victory showcased FLY’s resilience and strategic depth, breathing new life into the finals.

Game 3: Team Liquid’s Strategic Superiority

TL vs FLY Game 3 Spring Finals LCS 2024

TL returned to form in Game 3, executing a strategy that highlighted their adaptability and team cohesion. Early aggression gave them a solid lead, with strategic map control and objective prioritization further cementing their advantage.

Key skirmishes around dragons and turrets demonstrated TL’s team coordination, leading to a victory that put them one step closer to the championship. Every member of TL played a crucial role, showcasing the team’s collective effort and strategic mastery.

Game 4: The Championship Decider

TL vs FLY Game 4 Spring Finals LCS 2024

The final game was a testament to TL’s legacy and determination. Early game aggression, strategic picks and bans, and clutch plays set the tone for a match full of drama.

TL’s objective control was unparalleled, with a pivotal baron steal shifting the momentum in their favor. The final push into FLY’s base was a showcase of precision and strategic execution, culminating in TL securing the championship.

This game was a brilliant display of professional League of Legends, with TL emerging as the deserved champions.

Team Liquid Reigns Supreme

The LCS 2024 Spring Finals was a roller-coaster of emotions, strategy, and high-level play. 

Team Liquid’s journey from the first game’s dominance to the final game’s triumphant victory was nothing short of spectacular. Their adaptability, teamwork, and strategic prowess were on full display, earning them the championship title.

FlyQuest, while not victorious, showed great skill and resilience, promising an exciting future. This finals series was a celebration of competitive League of Legends, showcasing the best of the best in the LCS.