Team Liquid defeat Karmine Corp to claim RLCS 2022-23 Winter Invitational

The RLCS Winter regionals have ended after a month of intense and exciting battles in the Rocket League courts,... Eduardo | 27. February 2023

The RLCS Winter regionals have ended after a month of intense and exciting battles in the Rocket League courts, which undoubtedly left an excellent taste in our mouths.

The Winter Invitational has left us with many emotions and, in addition, confirmed the final invitations for the Winter Major to be played in San Diego soon.

Team Liquid takes revenge against KCorp and wins the RLCS Winter Invitational

As we mentioned, Team Liquid managed to beat the current champions and, until now, seemed unbeatable in the whole European continent, KCorp. However, let’s remember that Team Liquid faced KCorp in the final of the Winter Cup a few weeks ago, but they failed to defeat them.

However, it was completely different this time, as they played a spectacular seven-game series and showed their incredible determination and talent. This becomes Team Liquid’s second regional victory and puts them in the spotlight for many teams ahead of the Winter Major in San Diego.

Until this Grand Final match, KCorp seemed completely unbeatable in Europe. Recall that they had recently won the Winter Open and the Winter Cup. All teams participating in these events aim to qualify for the next Major to be played in April.

KCorp vs. Team Liquid – Road to the Final

Team Liquid achieved a close victory over Karmine Corp with a score of 4-3. However, the Dutch did not easily get this championship trophy. They had to fight two complicated battles against G1 and Quadrant in the quarterfinals and semifinals, ending in their favor with a 4-3.

KCorp, on the other hand, arrived with a lot of confidence and, above all, with the label of favorites for this match, as their quarterfinal and semifinal matches ended with a comfortable 4-1 result. So, the French were savoring their third consecutive title.

But Team Liquid had the best in store for this Grand Final match and pulled off a flawless 4-3 victory. This is not the first title for Team Liquid, as they managed to win the Fall Split Invitational in November 2022.

With the guarantee of being the European number 1 seed for the April Major, Karmine wanted to finish on a high note and a new record. But Kamel “Kameto” Kebir’s protégés quickly frustrated Team Liquid and 16-year-old Belgian Tristan “Atow” Be. More aggressive and sharper, TL gradually reversed the trend in the final, causing huge problems for Axel “vatira” Touret and his team.

Five European teams qualified for the RLCS Winter Major 2023

The RLCS EU winter qualification is now complete after the conclusion of the winter regionals. The top five teams that will represent Europe at the Winter Major in San Diego will be:

  • Team Liquid
  • Team Vitality
  • Oxygen Esports
  • Karmine Corp

In the tiebreakers, G1, German Amigos, and Quadrant competed for the last invitation to the Winter Major. In the end, it was G1 who won the remaining seat.

Header: Team Liquid