Riot officially reveal the ten Valorant teams for VCT China

Riot Games has revealed the ten Chinease Valorant teams that will compete in the newly introduced VCT China 2024.... Shubh | 12. December 2023

Riot Games has revealed the ten Chinease Valorant teams that will compete in the newly introduced VCT China 2024.

Following VALORANT’s release in China earlier this year, a Chinese league will now join the three international leagues on the VALORANT Champions Tour, giving it a new appearance in 2024. Riot carefully selected ten teams to form the league in partnership with, just like the other three leagues, and has already revealed which organization will be participating in the esports tournament.

With the help of online tournaments, Valorant esports has been flourishing in China, with multiple teams qualifying for international competitions. Chinese teams have already demonstrated their ability to compete with the best in the world, as seen by surprising runs made by EDG and Bilibili in the VCT Champions 2023 tournament in Los Angeles. Moreover, thousands of Chinese admirers have been following the Chinese teams competing in the VCT 2023, demonstrating their commitment to the esports scene.

The league is made up of some of the biggest esports organizations in China, including FunPlus Phoenix, Bilibili Gaming, and EDward Gaming, a few of whom have a long history in first-person shooters. A group of seven other teams is joining them, and they will have a difficult task ahead of them if they hope to unseat the teams who have so far established themselves as household names in Chinese VALORANT.

The teams selected for the VCT CN League are as follows:

  1. FunPlus Phoenix
  2. Bilibili Gaming
  3. JD Gaming
  4. Wolves Esports
  5. EDward Gaming
  6. TYLOO
  7. Nova Esports
  8. Trace Esports
  9. Titan Esports Club
  10. All Gamers
  11. TBD (2024 & 2025)

A provisional eleventh team, which will qualify through Ascension China for the two forthcoming 2024 and 2025 seasons, will join the league’s 10 organizations. With this addition, the league will have eleven organizations overall, matching the number of teams in the other four international leagues. The last berth will be decided in a five-day Ascension competition involving eight teams. The following eight teams will compete in the competition, which begins on December 23:

China Ascension 

  • Rare Atom
  • Attacking Soul Esports
  • Dragon Ranger Gaming
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Night Wings Gaming
  • 17 Gaming
  • Four Angry Men
  • KeepBest Gaming

Similarly to 2023, the 2024 VCT schedule will feature an introductory tournament followed by league play to determine which teams will participate in the mid-season Masters competition. In February, all 44 VCT teams from across the world will be ready to begin the Valorant esports season after the Chinease Ascension tournament winner is determined.

Header: Riot Games