Phreak Wants to Save Support Seraphine in League of Legends

In League of Legends, characters often undergo transformations to keep the gameplay fresh and competitive. One such character, Seraphine,... Aleksandar | 27. February 2024

In League of Legends, characters often undergo transformations to keep the gameplay fresh and competitive. One such character, Seraphine, designed initially as a mid-lane mage, has found herself at the center of Riot Games’ latest balancing act. 

With her popularity soaring in the bot lane, albeit not as intended, the spotlight now turns to her role as a support. 

Enter Phreak, a familiar face from the esports side of Riot, who has taken on the new challenge of game balancing. His mission? To save Support Seraphine from becoming a relic of the past.

Seraphine’s Complex Journey

Seraphine’s journey in LoL has been anything but straightforward. Although designed for the mid-lane, she found her way to the bot lane, where she became a fan favorite.

Despite this shift, her effectiveness as a support has been underwhelming, sparking a debate on her actual place within the game. 

Phreak, with his deep understanding of game mechanics and player preferences, sees potential where others see impasse. 

Through his detailed video analyses, he’s been sharing insights into the balancing process, aiming to shed light on Seraphine’s predicament.

Phreak’s Balancing Act

Phreak – 14.5 Seraphine PBE Preview and Rek’Sai Follow-Up
byu/JTHousek1 inleagueoflegends

The core of Phreak’s strategy to save support Seraphine revolves around adjusting her abilities to suit the support role better. 

The proposed changes, detailed in his Patch 14.4 Preview, suggest a shift towards enhancing her utility in team fights while dialing back her passive farming capabilities. 

By tweaking her AP ratios and adjusting her cooldowns and mana costs, the goal is to encourage players to embrace a more active support role, using Seraphine’s unique abilities to control the battlefield rather than dominate it through damage.

Community Engagement

This approach has sparked conversations within the LoL community, with players eagerly examining every snippet of Phreak’s previews. 

The consensus is a mix of uncertainty and skepticism, as balancing a character’s identity without stripping away what makes them special is a delicate task. 

However, Phreak’s commitment to this cause is clear. By focusing on making Seraphine a viable support, he hopes to enrich the bot lane dynamics, offering players new strategies and experiences.

The Wait for Patch 14.5

As the changes roll out in Patch 14.5, the LoL community waits with bated breath. Will Phreak’s efforts to save support Seraphine restore her presence in the game? Only time will tell.

What’s certain is that Phreak’s dedication to game balancing is bringing a fresh perspective to Riot’s approach, one that could redefine roles and strategies in LoL for years to come.