Fessor and Endpoint part ways

Movements continue at this point in the 2023 season of the CS:GO competitive scene, and, this time, we have... Eduardo | 3. June 2023

Movements continue at this point in the 2023 season of the CS:GO competitive scene, and, this time, we have Frederik “Fessor” Sørensen and Endpoint parting ways by mutual agreement.

The team has not had the expected results in recent months, and they need to strengthen their lineup for the rest of the 2023 season and, more importantly, in the transition to CS2.

Endpoint announces parting ways with Fessor

Endpoint announced through its official Twitter account that it is parting ways with Fessor by mutual agreement. As a result, the 22-year-old Dane becomes a free agent and is searching for a new home.

On the other hand, Endpoint right now is looking for a player to complete its five-player lineup, as the team has contested both the CCT North Europe Series #5 and the ESL Premiership Spring with Fraser “Frazehh” Sollom and Aleksandar “CacaNito” Kjulukoski. Fessor had been on the team’s bench for a few weeks.

About Fessor

Fessor arrived at Endpoint in February 2023 instead of Guy “NertZ” Iluz, who signed with ENCE then. Fessor came from Monte, where he could not reach his full potential due to an injury to his left hand.

Now, for four months at Endpoint, Fessor had a great weight on his shoulders as he had to fill the void left by such an important player as NerZ. However, the 22-year-old Dane had a 1.08 Rating, according to HLTV, which is certainly not a bad statistic. However, after spending several weeks on the team’s bench, the organization decided to release him.

Endpoint seeks aggressive rifler

As we have observed with the last two subs used by Endpoint, Frazehh, and CacaNito, these are aggressive players in their style of play. As a result, this is likely the profile the team is looking to sign as a fifth player.

One of the possible candidates could be Tal “meztal” Hahiashvili, who is no stranger to this Endpoint lineup, as he had different trials with the team before Fessor was benched.

While it has already been announced that Fessor is not part of Endpoint’s starting lineup, they will still have to play one more game in the ESL Challenger Relegation. This is because, by the competition’s regulations, teams cannot change their lineup in the tournament, forcing Endpoint to play their final game with Fessor.

Fessor, for its part, is looking for new options to continue to display its full potential in the CS:GO competitive scene.

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