NRG quit Apex Legends competitive scene

While it is true that the season has not yet ended, we have very bad news for the fans... Eduardo | 16. September 2023

While it is true that the season has not yet ended, we have very bad news for the fans and the community in general of Apex Legends. It is about NRG, one of the most important organizations in the Apex competitive scene, which announced its imminent departure from this esports.

As a result, Christopher “sweetdreams” Sexton, Nathan “Nafen” Nguyen, and Zachary “Gild” Dennis are unrestricted free agents. In addition, the organization also terminated babynikki, the only Apex Legends content creator remaining with the organization.

Undoubtedly, this news may be unexpected in the Apex Legends competitive scene. However, there is a major financial crisis revolving around esports at the moment, so organizations must take these kinds of extreme measures to watch their backs.

NRG announce its exit from the Apex Legends scene

NRG made its official departure from the Apex Legends competitive scene through a farewell statement on its official Twitter account. As a result, Gild, nafen, and sweetdreams become free agents and can sign for any other team.

There is no doubt that this news does not sit well in the Apex community, as NRG was, for a long time, one of the most important organizations in the competitive scene of this esports. While it is true that they were not able to win any major LAN event of the ALGS, NRG was always very successful and with a high level of play.

In the official statement, we can see how NRG makes mention of the same (or similar, in fact) reasons that other organizations such as G2, Cloud9, and Team Liquid have said. The aforementioned organizations have strongly criticized both Apex ESPORTS and the ALGS for the fact that they do not “return” the investments made by the orgs to the scene. In addition, they also make mention of the “Winter of Esports,” something we commonly read about these days.

Sweetdreams and his teammates are looking for a new home

After this news broke, sweetdreams shared that he and his teammates are looking for a new home to play the next ALGS season. However, he also said that this does not mean they will play together, as each is free to explore his options.

Likewise, finding a home for all 3 together won’t be easy, so this is logical.

On the other hand, it is worth mentioning that NRG was one of the favorite teams to win at least one LAN tournament in this 2023 season. However, the team did not meet expectations, especially in the last two LAN tournaments, as they finished outside the TOP 10.

Now that all three players are free agents, many teams could contact each of them, as nafe, sweet, and gild are among the best NA players in Apex Legends and would be invaluable in any ALGS team’s lineup.

On the other hand, NRG’s departure should make both Apex ESPORTS and ALGS reflect on the criticisms made by the organizations. Let’s remember that the status and popularity of the Apex competitive scene revolves around the large organizations that are part of it. As a result, the departure of the most popular ones can generate a huge backlash in the scene.

Next year, the fourth season of the ALGS will be played. Now, still don’t know which organizations will remain in the competitive scene.

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